Casey’s Canadian Concerts this Weekend

This weekend, Casey James has two concerts with our neighbors to the north.  On Friday night, he opens for Sugarland at the home of the Calgary Flames (that’s a hockey team, apparently) the Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  The concert starts at 7:30.

Then the next day, Casey will be opening the Craven Country Jamboree,  Saskatchewan, Canada, taking the stage at 1:00. 

So far, unlike past concerts, there are not a slew of existing fans making plans to attend the shows.  While that is good for Casey, giving him a chance to impress and convert thousands of new fans, it is not great for the fans at home who hope to hear from and about the concert and see photos and videos.   However, there is one fan from Calgary, @EmilyJHolloway, who has very graciously offered to call in from the concert on Friday night so that the rest of the fans who can’t be there can still share the experience! 

Casey goes on at 7:30 local time.  To listen live, call in to 1-712-432-0075 and enter the code 654945#.  Also, visit the Live Chat for updates and more information

We also reached out to the Sugarland fans for their help and we should be getting some photos from those in the “Sugarpit.”  We may not get any video, we’ll have to wait and see on that. 

As always, we will do our best to bring you as much of the experience as we can.  So check back here for updates!


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8 Responses to Casey’s Canadian Concerts this Weekend

  1. meme4cj says:

    Lucky Canadian fans . 🙂 Sure , they’re about to get a double treat . 😀

  2. mississippicjfan says:

    So we don’t know anybody who is going? Hmm, so someone going would maybe get more time with Casey than at the other venues??? I hope somebody goes and reports!!

    • TCJB says:

      We have one existing fan who is going and said she can call in! In addition, I posted a request on the Sugarland discussion board and have heard back from one fan already who said he would take photos and share them with us! I hope we can find more before this weekend!

  3. mississippicjfan says:

    Don’t know why but the article on the voting on Casey’s NEW songs doesn’t appear on the blog and you can’t get to it from the email link. I wanted to add a post to Shari and Marie to ask if they would consider running a poll asking which of the new songs people think would be most successful on the radio?? It would be interesting to see if we put our own favorites aside, which ones we think would have broadest appeal on the radio.

    • TCJB says:


      You read our minds! Last time we had put both polls out at the same time. This time, we wanted to separate them, so we will be doing a “Which would make the best single” poll next!

  4. mississippicjfan says:

    Maybe we should start a pool for times like this when the concerts are so far away – then have a drawing and send a “delegate” to represent!! And report, of course.

  5. Karen says:

    All ready to listen to the show! 🙂

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