POLL: What are Your Favorite Casey James Cover Songs?

The response to our polls about Casey’s new, original music has been tremendous.  Throughout this process we’ve noticed that there have been comments on the posts and a lot of interest on our discussion board about Casey’s covers, and we’ve received some requests to do a poll on your favorites of these interpretations.  Your wish is our command.

Below is a poll on the Casey covers available on the internet.  It includes four duets, including two with Casey’s mom, Debra, and one purely instrumental piece, “Pipeline.”  If there are any that we have missed, please let us know.  There are a lot, but we’re requesting that you narrow your favorite choices down to ten.  Like the other polls, this is difficult, but that’s what makes it interesting.  You can use whatever criteria you like to make your selections, such as:  the fact that Casey puts a unique spin on the song, the fact that you like Casey’s version better than the original, or just the fact that you want to hear Casey sing the song again.

For each cover, a video/recording of Casey performing the song is posted below under the poll.  But as fans know, on the internet there are multiple performances by Casey for most of these pieces.  We encourage you to peruse them. If you’re not familiar with the versions by other artists and you’d like to check them out, the original/past artist(s) who recorded each song is(are) listed next to each song name on the poll.    Of course, please add your comments below.  We’re interested in why you’ve made your choices.  Results will be posted this week so check back for the tallies.

Here we go.

Shape I’m InHave You Ever Really Loved a WomanHeavenDrowning on Dry LandGeorgia, Part 1 (starts around 5:00, continues in the second video)Georgia, Part 2 (continues until about 2:20, then goes into Too Sweet for Me) Too Sweet For MeI Got MineGreen Light GirlPipelineI Don’t Need No DoctorI Don’t Wanna BeMeaningNeed Your Love So BadDon’t Stop Thinking About TomorrowLiza JaneOk It’s Alright With MeSmall Town Saturday Night (2:43-5:30)Wayfaring StrangerWayfaring Stranger, duet with Debra James The Rock (0-2:42, then continues with Small Town Saturday Night)Jealous GuyPower of LoveDaughtersGravityBlue SkySatisfiedEverybody Thinks That You’re Still MineEvery Rose Has Its ThornLawdy, Miss ClawdyAngel from Montgomery, duet with Debra James (1:50-7:00)AlwaysIt’s All Over NowHold On, I’m CominThe King’s HighwayMrs. RobinsonBlue SkiesDon’tYou’ll Think of MePolk Salad AnnieUse MeLong, Tall Texan(0:58-end)

Note:  It’s been brought to our attention that we left out a duet available on the internet that Casey sang with his mom, Debra, “Talk About Suffering.”  (thanks Kathy Rainwater) It’s too late to officially include this song in the current survey, but it’s a great rendition, and here’s the recording:Take a listen and feel free to comment on it below.

Also, those who enjoy Casey’s duets with his mother, Debra, will love her album Cross That Line.  It’s available on Amazon and iTunes.

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50 Responses to POLL: What are Your Favorite Casey James Cover Songs?

  1. Drew J says:

    I’m a bad fan. I haven’t heard Pipeline, where’d he perform it? Sounds interesting cos of Anthrax

    • HPsquares says:

      You’re not a bad fan at all! I’m sure a lot of Casey’s fans didn’t know he performed Pipeline. He performed the song at the Keys Lounge last year during his homecoming visit from Idol. Glad it piqued your interest!

      • Drew J says:

        Yikes I thought I’ve seen all his homecoming videos after staying up for 24 hours that time :)) Off to hunt it down tubey, thanks HP

        I predict Drowning on Dry Land to be the front-runner here. It’s the longest jam that Casey did which I watch & listen from the very start to the very end. And I’ve an ultimately short attention span.

    • Linda says:

      Drew ,that song was peformed at Billy Bobs ,in Fort worth ,Texas on July
      1st. I was there but i had a lousey seat.

      • Linda says:

        OOOOOOOOps i was wrong about that song,(pipeline) i believe that was peformed at :The Keys lounge, in Texas.Going by the video, that looks like the Keys Lounge!

  2. cynyn says:

    I love Long Tall Texan too, but can’t fit it in. I actually like most all of these songs but am partial to some more than others. Thank you for posting all these together, funny, lots of Casey memories already. I see him in Sacramento soon, so excited for it.

  3. Dallas says:

    I still like the song he wrote Road to Coming Home when he was with Crossover written after his motorcycle accident and one of his latest songs Let’s Not Call It A Night

  4. Boudica says:

    Wow this isn’t easy, after I voted I saw options that I might have chosen just as well. I never knew that Casey did Meaning. Off to go and listen…

  5. Drew J says:

    Moronic me, Pipeline is already on this page. Sorry Shari, don’t whack me :p Thanks

  6. Naomi says:

    Agree with Dallas. The words to Road to Coming Home flows and Casey articulates his longing to stay on the right path so well. The music itself is very youthful which I like, but I wish Casey would soften and slow down the music background so there is greater appreciation for his words. Besides singing his best in Texas, I think the chemistry with his mother gives Casey a more relaxed and secure sound. Their duet is a nice change and their harmony is tight. Debra’s voice is so clear. They compliment each other. It gives me a “feel good” feeling just watching them interact with such respect and love for each other. Of course the blues, especially at Key’s Lounge is when Casey’s at his absolute best. There’s a genuine strength and confidence that comes out in his voice and connecting with the band members and audience. Casey transcends so much feelings when he sings and plays the blues and gets so lost in the moment that he’s unaware anyone is around. I think I became addicted fans when I experienced those moments and continue to look for more of that on a daily basis while still enjoying his newer music. He can sing almost any type of music, but the blues and spiritual sounds comes from his soul.

  7. inta31 says:

    One of my all time favorite – Wayfaring Stranger – Country Music Expo 4-30-11 – awesome Casey’s performance…soul, voice, guitar, setting, improvisation…everything…!­!! ….but admittedly it’s impossible to choose 10, because all Casey’s songs and performances are so attractive and so special…Drowning On Dry Land…Georgia Take Me Home…Too Sweet For Me…Gravity…The King’s Highway….Use Me…Pipeline… Satisfied…Need Your Love So Bad…I Got Mine…I Don’t Wanna Be…Polk Salad Annie…Blue Sky…Jealous Guy…You’ll Think of Me…Liza Jane… Always…The Rock….Don’t… Mrs. Robinson….etc. Sweet thanks! 🙂

  8. Satisfied. I would love to hear it live by Casey someday. But all of them are good and I have other favorites too… 😉

  9. meme4cj says:

    Thanks HP & Shari 🙂
    This is a great list , I need a little time to choose , so many songs ! I’ll also see other people’s opinions & choices ! 😀

  10. Renee says:

    I have a very hard time picking favorites becase they
    are all my favorites at different times. Probably my absolute favorite performance, and it leaves me in awe everytime, is his performance of Gravity at Keys for his Homecoming. He speaks to the audience in the middle but then goes off into another world. The passion he displays is a thing of beauty. He is so lost that he’s surprised to see an audience at the end when he opens his eyes. There’s a flash of an image near the end where his head is down and his right hand is up with silver rings shining that just about makes my heart stop.

  11. mississippicjfan says:

    So many different moods to choose from. . .Always is probably my favorite today, but could be Jealous Guy tomorrow!

  12. Donna says:

    My top three favorites are>>> Need Your Love So Bad…..Georgia…..The King’s Highway. But I also Love>>>Use Me….Jealous Guy…..Always…..And Satisfied.

  13. willy says:

    every time i listen i like each one more than the last time i listened

  14. Bybee D James says:

    Just a FYI ….”The Rock” was recorded by Lee Roy Parnell.

  15. MNCyn says:

    Ok – I voted very quickly. First choices and didn’t think. Can I have 10 more please?! 🙂

  16. Carolyn says:

    Is there somewhere to see the results? Am I just a numnuck and can’t figure it out? LOL

    This was really fun – like a flashback on how I’ve come to adore this man’s talent.

    First I picked “Jealous Guy” – ’cause that was when I first clued into Casey’s talent. Up to then, he was just another contestant who was kinda cute and that was about it. Color me dumb, I know. 😉

    Then comes “Mrs. Robinson”. He got so trashed for that one from the judges and I was appalled. I have some background in music so I have a clue when something is good and when it’s not. Casey’s phrasing, emotion, inflection… incredible. This is when I actually shouted at the TV. heh.

    After that “Every Rose” – CaseyJ and Brett stole the finale IMHO

    Key’s Lounge. When everything changed for me. When I saw all of the vids – but especially “She’s Too Sweet for Me” – this is when I got hooked. And still, over a year later – still hooked. !!!11!!! This is the first time I’ve ever been invested and followed an AI contestant after the show. Color me, still, surprised.

    Of all the covers, I like the acoustic, quiet, very poignant “Always” the best. I actually teared up when I saw this vid for the first time. Not a crier usually. Hm.

    “I’ve got Mine”. Boom. Boom boom boom. Booooooom. I felt that beginning in my gut. Wow.

    “Don’t” – didn’t think much of it when he sang it on the show. When I saw it in concert I realized why. CaseyJ builds the emotion. He sings with his guitar as much as his voice. He needs more than a piddly 90 seconds to show his soul.

    “It’s all Over Now”. Ah. Yeah. Went to the concert. When CJ sang this, the concert was over for me too.

    Then two songs “Green Light Girl” and “Use Me”. I’m a blues girl at heart.

    This was waaayyyy fun! Thanks!

    (sorry for the long post -just goin’ down memory lane)

    • TCJB says:

      Love to see someone else mention Mrs. Robinson as one of the unappreciated gems! I have listened to the live version so many times and each time I’m just blown away. Pretty much my favorite pure vocal of his. — Shari

      • meme4cj says:

        Y’all not alone! 😀 Mrs. Robinson is still one of my favourite of all time! 😀
        I just LOVE that Acoustic/Bluegrass-y feel ! hope there is a similar track in the new album . 🙂
        Of coure me & Carolyn are always in agreement 😉

      • Carolyn says:

        Yep. Meme and moi are like two peas in a pod where Mr. James is concerned. 🙂

  17. HPsquares says:

    Carolyn, Thank you so much for your detailed response. Love it! And no, you’re not a numnuck, or even a numchuck 🙂 We haven’t posted the results yet. We’re waiting to see what the response will be and are giving this poll at least a week so check back. And thanks again for the interesting comments.

  18. Robyn says:

    What an amazing artist and man. Listening to all of these (again) was pure heaven…..

    Seems my favorite seem to be the poignant (Always, Jealous Guy, Don’t) and the soulful blues ( Satisfied, Blue Sky, Drowning ODL, etc.).

    My second favorite (and I love them all!) is Wayfaring Stranger with Debra. I can and have listened to this several times a day. It is beautiful and touches my heart- thanks Bybee!

    My all-time favorite is King’s Highway. This is partly because of the song itself but mostly because of Casey’s obvious joy in playing it. His emotions are infectious!

    This was a great idea and thanks HP and Shari for a very enjoyable evening!

  19. MNCyn says:

    Carolyn … you’re right! We do say numnuck. Ha … I haven’t thought of that word in awhile.

  20. It is hard to chose my 10 favorites because I love Casey’s music, he is so versatile and so talented in his playing as well as his voice. I have been a fan since Idol. At first I was pulling for another contestant but that quickly changed when I recognized the talent this young man had. He was so magnificent. I was heart broken when he was voted off. When I saw the videos at Keys Lounge I realized we had seen just a “sampling” of his talent. I agree that his best music came from his home town. He was so at ease and the music just seems to flow from him and his voice and playing was fantastic. I realized Idol did not give us a true picture of the depth of his talents and just did not show us what he was all about. I really love his bluesy sound. His music from the tour took on a different dimension from his flawless performances on Idol. It took him to a different level. I thought it couldn’t get any better, then came his original sounds and live performances and it did get better. Casey continues to surprise us with his music and talent and I feel the sky is the limit for him. I cannot wait to hear him on the radio but I am willing to wait until he is pleased with his finished product because when he is pleased with it we are all going to be even more thrilled and surprised. I can’t get enough of his music I listen to it every day. My family accuses me of being obsessed with Casey James but that is okay. I don’t mind! I wish Casey every success in life and in his career.

  21. Blueslane uk says:

    Im really into Blues music so my favourite covers are all the Keys Lounge songs casey sung during his home coming. Along with the electrifing ‘I Got Mine’ ( am a ‘Black Keys’ fan but I actually prefered Caseys version) and the brilliant song ‘Green light Girl’.

    I do prefer Casey playing the electric guitar to the acoustic, you can’t beat the soung of an electric guitar playing the smouldering Blues or belting out Blues/Rock. (only my opinion, casey fans please don’t be offended.)

    But slowing it down the acoustic sweet song ‘Angel from Montgomery’ duet is a favourite of mine, as is the hauntingly beautiful ‘Wayfaring stranger'( Debra duet).

    • Carolyn says:

      I agree, Blueslane – count me as one who enjoys CJ’s take on “I Got Mine” better than the Black Keys. Casey’s is a bit faster, more driving, pounding. It has more impact for me. Though I am a BIG fan of Black Keys and love lots of their other songs.

  22. Blueslane uk says:


  23. Bozena says:

    My choice would be “You’ll think of me”. I am a very fresh Casey’s fan – heard him for the first time just few weeks ago and have no time to listen to all the performances yet. And as I see above I have a lot to catch up! A have a strong impression that in “You’ll think of me” Casey was so true, vulnerable and even hurt – it moves me a lot every time I listen to it.

  24. Ana Lúcia Perfoncio says:

    Ok! Already voted! I was clicking, clicking, when I went to see was only 10!! I wanted to vote more! 😀 I love Casey James!!!!

  25. Bybee D James says:

    I was a good girl and did nor vote for any of mine with Casey. But if I had one more choice, it would be Angel From Mintgomery….just because of watching Casey. I was singing and wasn’t paying attention to him. When I watched the video, I cried and cried. I guess I never realized how proud of me he is. I have always been nauseatingly proud of my boys and didn’t know it was mutual. Wow……

  26. Bybee D James says:

    I hate my phone! MONtgomery…(not MINtgomery) Sheesh!

  27. daydreaminmeme says:

    Debra, Angel from Montgomery was absolutely beautiful…both the song itself as sung by you & Casey, and the way his pride in you comes across in the video and audio of the song. Truly a very special moment! So glad I got to hear it over Painter’s phone 😀 One I will never forget!

    For me, Satisfied will probably always be my number one choice of a cover tune by Casey cuz it was the first time I realized what a phenomenal talent he is. I liked him on Idol up til when I saw the vid of Satisfied…after that, I just couldn’t get enough of watchin/hearin him sing ANYTHING! This remains the case today & I just can’t wait til I have the chance to see him perform in person!

  28. daydreaminmeme says:

    Carolyn said above that Casey sings with his guitar as well as with his voice….for me, that was never more true than his “duet” with his guitar on Use Me at Billy Bob’s…that’s one of my all-time favorite songs and Casey’s rendition just blew me AWAY!

    • Bybee D James says:

      I agree daydreaminmeme. You very very seldom here a guitar player singing the notes he’s playing when he’s just jamming. Difficult to do and really impressingly entertaining. He never ceases to amaze me.

  29. Erin says:

    I hate The Beatles and John Lennon with a passion, but Casey made me love “Jealous Guy.” His rendition of the song was amazing!! So powerful and you could feel Casey’s connection to the song… Just wow!!! “Jealous Guy” gets my vote! 🙂


  30. jennifer bussone says:

    How impossible! I love them ALL! 🙂 But….I capital L O V E when he plays the blues ❤

  31. Inconnu says:

    On his American Idol run:
    Jealous Guy – his live performance
    Lawdy, Miss Clawdy – the Studio version

    From his Homecoming:
    Too Sweet For Me (at the Key’s)
    Kings Highway (At the Keys’)

    I Don’t Need No Doctor – on the Ellen Show
    Always – At the KISS Party
    Wayfaring Stranger – at the Indiana Country Music Fair

    Drowning On Dry Land – Billy Bob’s – my fav of all his covers
    Use Me – Billy Bob’s – loved him on the guitar
    Angel from Mongomery – at Billy Bob’s with Debra

    Talk About Suffering – with Debra again

    I had to delete a few to restrict myself to 10.
    I like Casey the best when he plays the Blues, when he rocks it, and when he sings soulful songs.

  32. M1ssMamaDee says:

    I can’t decide! Especially after scrolling through the videos, and remembering songs I hadn’t even thought of. I love Drowning on Dry Land, because he’s so ridiculously sexy when he plays it, but Every Rose Has It’s Thorn reminds me of my teen years and is twice as nice with Casey singing. But then, there’s Talk About Suffering, with his mom, which is so touching, and Always, which gave so much insight into his feelings after his accident. Gaahhh! How does anyone make a choice? This is like choosing between chocolate and cannolis! I can’t do it!

  33. Linda says:

    I love EVERYTHING, that Casey sings, but i was raised in music, my daddy was a lead guitarist,so im crazy about his guitar playing, I like Gravity and drowning on dry land,use me , but on the other hand i love Caseys singing, so hard to chose!!!! One of my favorite moments was when i went to see Casey in Fort Worth at Billy Bobs, i had a bad seat way in the back , but when he left the stage and then came back to bring his mother up there to sing with him, i snuck closer to the stage to get a , better view, and cried my eyeballs out , that was so ,so sweet. OMG you could just feel the Love between Casey and his mother, that made my night!!!!! I will get my tickets ,EARLY next time!!!

  34. I love all of Casey James songs. However, I do have a few favorite ones:
    1) Jealous Guy (beautifully written and sung by John Lennon (a true genius/musical artist) and he made John smile down from ‘heaven’ saying “wow, Casey, thanks for making my song so memoriable, man that was awesome and beautifully sung and the emotions were crazy good!”
    2) It’s All Over Now by The Rolling Stones (my favorite of all rock groups). Casey is the only artist I ever heard do an unbelievable version of a ‘Stones’ song! My dream “to see Mick Jagger & Casey James’ jam it out!
    3) Don’t by Shania Twain. Casey slammed the vocals and put so much emotion into his version of this song! Just beautiful~~~
    Of his own:
    1) Let’s Don’t Call It A Night … This is one HOT song by Casey James and he’s a great songwriter too!
    2) Bulletproof … this song had me dancing in my seat at the XTU.92.5 Country Radio Station’s 27th Anniversary Concert ~~~
    3) Long Tall Texan… I mean the list can go on and on… Casey sure can write some darn great songs!
    Now I am looking forward to his album when it comes out ~~~ He is so talented ~~~

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