Casey James Featured in Parker County Today

This month, Casey James is featured in a six-page spread in his hometown monthly magazine Parker County Today.   The article, written by Gail Bennison, and featuring photos by Jake Felts, includes interviews with Casey, his mom Debra, his brother BC and others, touches on everything from Casey’s childhood in Cool to his CD release concert at Billy Bob’s last month.

The magazine graciously provided us with this link to the entire article so we could share it with you.  Enjoy:



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2 Responses to Casey James Featured in Parker County Today

  1. Na808 says:

    How do i unsubscribe for 404-04. Since Thecaseyjamesblog changed I’m frustrated wt the amount of text MSG from this text no. I use to look forward to the yellow notes from Casey but now it’s increasing non-related MSG from other than Casey is turning me off from getting any info. Not everyone has unlimited texting and this is costing me extra monthly bill from receing so many mags. Pls ask them to stop too much Going on 10 plus a day.ots of unrelated Casey James stuff. I know the meaning is good but too much. Nice tried everything but was told I can’t stop it from AT&T.

  2. TCJB says:

    You go to the Twitter account you no longer want to receive email notifications from, and you will see a button that looks like a person’s head next to the “following” button. Click on the head and you’ll see options such as “tweet to.” At the bottom is the option “Turn Off Mobile Notifications.” Click on that and you should stop betting the 404-04 text updates.

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