Reviews of “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night”

Country Music Rocks:

Newcomer Casey James captures the mood of a great evening with the goodtime feel of his debut single, “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” — and since the song is all about staying up and not letting go of an amazing evening with your favorite gal, Casey’s thinking that the song just might be a winner with the ladies.

Of the song, Casey says: “I would hope that the ladies love it! That’s a good thing! It’s a song sayin’, ‘Hey, I don’t want to leave you; I want this to keep goin’.’ So, I would hope that they like it.”

All Things Country:

“Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” is definitely a solid representation of just who Casey James is as an artist. The single’s production is a fantastic blend of blues, country, and a hint of southern rock that creates a rather sexy and sultry mood. It’s no wonder this song is causing women around the country to be weakened in the knees whenever this song is played on the radio. The sultry electric guitar and the sexy sound of the steel guitar creates a rather risque backdrop to James’ equally seducing vocal performance.

It’s a rarity in country music that you find a vocalist that has the ability to hook you in with the opening line of a song and then keep that interest to the very last note. Casey possesses that talent. From the opening line, “love the way you look in that dress…,” to the very end of the song, James seemingly seduces you into believing he is singing only to you (a quality each and every country-lovin’ woman is absolutely in love with) which makes it difficult to stop listening to. In a way, it’s almost hypnotizing.

The lyrics, written by James, Brice Long, and Terry McBride, aren’t the best to come out of Nashville. But they accomplish the goal of every song, which is to hook listeners in and make them continue to listen throughout the song. Fans, especially women, love when they hear a rather sexy, sultry song sung by a rather good-looking man, and this is definitely going to be no exception.

Overall, this is a solid and strong debut single from an artist who has potential to become country’s newest superstar.

Top Country Songs:

Texas native Casey James is scheduled to finally release his first studio recordings this March. The self named album “Casey James” will show off the singing and guitar talents of the American Idol third place finisher. Now that he is in the record industry machine Sony Music, Casey should really have a chance to show his skills.

Country music has changed from the days of Merle Haggard and Buck Owens. Today’s country embraces some of the characteristics of pap, rock and even soul. Some artists have not managed to incorporate these characteristics and maintain the heart of country. The Casey James new single – Let’s Don’t Call It a Night is one of those songs that are successful in creating the new country sound.

The songs lyrics and delivery are unmistakably country. Country music tells a story. Let’s Don’t Call It a Night tells a story everyone has lived. Whether you have loved someone from a far or been with the one you love. Everyone at one time or another has had the thought, not to call it a night. The hook line of the song and Casey’s delivery opens the song to all its listeners. This one of the reasons it is in the Top 20 Country Songs Chart.

The honesty of the lyrics and simple chorus allows its listeners to create their story inside the framework of the songs. The honesty of his voice is remarkably country. The Casey James new Single – Let’s Don’t Call It A Night is free of over the top twang and clichés. It is a country song that declares itself country honestly.

There are a number of flavors that makes up this song musically. You can taste most of the American pop music flavors but the dish is all country cooking. The overdriven guitar, simple chords are all pop. The steel guitar that is woven through the song is all country. The song never leaves it country origins but its flavors are fresh and keep it new.

The Casey James new single – Let’s Don’t Call It a Night is a wonderfully fun and honest song. It is all that is good about new country. Give it a listen and you will enjoy it.

Country Chart:

Fort Worth native and American Idol alum Casey James sizzles with sultry country vocals in his debut single “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night.”

The third-place finisher in Idol’s ninth season begins the song complimenting his new lady friend’s dress. He sings: “Love the way you look in that dress; You got me thinkin’ thoughts in my head.”

James’ vocals are pure and crisp. While the new country artist was not previously known as a country singer during his brief-tv stint, his bluesy southern charm is a welcome addition to country music. Indeed, his Texas swagger and all-American good looks should also help jumpstart his country music career.

The most surprising aspect of the song is not Casey James’ stellar vocal performance, which TV viewers would have expected. However, James wrote both the words and music to the song, and the memorable melody is impressive in itself.

“Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” has already hit the country chart (and deservedly so). Fans won’t be calling it a night with Casey James, because this single proves the new country musician has the legs to walk a few more miles around Nashville.

Today’s Country:

Though I am not a fan these days of what American Idol has become through the years, there is no denying the impact the music industry has felt because of it. However, every once in a while someone comes along that captures my attention and Casey James did just that with his blues infused Southern rock vibes that combine perfectly with a stripped down singer/songwriter feel. With his debut single “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night,” James brings all of that to the table, but turns up the sexiness just a bit more than expected making this a very solid debut single. Although James, will easily be compared to the likes of James Otto, it is a safe bet that this song combined with his looks are meant to attract the ladies and he will do just that as he sings about not wanting the night to end with that special lady in his life. The laid back, blues over toned music keeps you enthralled as you listen to James utilize his voice to deliver the solid lyric. Though I am always skeptical of the artist’s that come from the television talent show, Casey James has managed to impress me from the get go with “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” and hopefully this is just a sign of good things to come from a new artist that is sure to capture the country music fans attention.

Country Music Tattle Tale:

Country newcomer and American Idol Season Nine alum Casey James recently released his first single, “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night.” Yes, you read that right – James is asking, in his own clever way, for some lucky lady to agree to extend a romantic rendezvous through the entire night, singing “the way your body’s moving slowly to the music only leaves me wanting more.” And after hearing this song, it would be hard for any girl to say no to James’ request.

While grammar lovers may feel more comfortable with lyrics like, “please don’t call it a night,” or even “let’s not call it a night,” James’ creative twist of lyrics work. The song is catchy, soulful and smooth. The Texas native’s first single is a welcome blend of sensual vocals, similar to a mix of Josh Turner’s “Your Man” or Chris Young’s “Little Black Dress.”  Country music lovers and rockers alike (James performed a duet with musical inspiration Brett Michaels on Idol) will welcome this song and hunger for more.

On his Twitter page (@caseyejames), 29 year old James describes himself as a simple family man that loves music, family, Jesus Christ, and friends … and dogs. He’ll soon have to add “fans” to that list, as his first single is certain to rekindle his relationship with his Idol fans and garner a slew of new followers. Earlier this year, James joined Sugarland on a leg of their popular “Incredible Machine Tour” and he is currently working on his first album.

Country Your Way:

Casey’s post-idol debut is a very safe but an extremely smart choice.  Night is a groovy summer song that barely shows any of his talent, but will undoubtedly hook people very quickly. Some may be surprised that he has chosen to try country, but his sound fits right in. James reminds me vocally of James Otto and his guitar playing can hold its own with some of the best like Keith Urban. Whether or not this track makes a big impact on the charts it is a good way to get people’s attention. James has already made some noise in the business earning  an opening spot for Sugarland & got to play at LP Field during CMA Music Festival last June.

Steven Warren:

It’s a very good week, gang. An impressive debut here. The guy don’t sound like anybody but himself. Got some character. And I like the arrangement, too. The beat is heavy, insistent but not overpowering. When Modern Country get’s rocky, this is the way it should sound.

Steven Warren (follow up):

When I reviewed this one in the last edition, I was musing about how this is the way Country songs should be arranged when they get a bit rocky. I’ve heard it a bunch more in the last two weeks and, silly me, it’s actually more of a R&B record. I could hear any of a number of the Blues masters from the 60′s cuttin’ down with this one. And/or several of the R&B influenced Southern Rockers of the 70′s. Elvin Bishop, maybe. And certainly Delbert will add this to his set before much longer, I ‘spect. It is seductive and so very sexy.


When Casey James signed with 19/BNA after a strong showing on American Idol’s 9th Season in 2010, Casey was going to front the CaseyJames Band. Well, it seems that Casey dropped the ‘band’ and is now just a solo artist. This tune is his debut single and it’s a James Otto and Ronnie Milsap-like slice of Country Soul music that shows how strong a singer Casey is. Look for it to be available digitally soon.

Nashville Gab:

I’ve always been pro Casey James, but when a guy comes from a reality show and looks that good, you kind of have to worry about his future in the real life world.  Well worry no more, kiddos, because we now have our first taste of Casey’s official foray into mainstream radio and it’s surprisingly – or not surprisingly – good.

Taste of Country:

Casey James only dabbled in country music while on then ninth season of ‘American Idol’ in 2010. He played a Keith Urban song, and a Shania Twain song during Shania Twain week, but was clearly more influenced by rock and blues. His time on the show was bookended by John Mayer songs, appropriate because of all the artists he covered on the show, it’s Mayer that his debut song ‘Let’s Don’t Call It a Night’ most closely mimics.

The slow and sexy sheet-burner is a little clumsier than anything the always-polished Mayer would record. From the first lyric, one can’t deny the lure of this song’s sultry stylings, but the words are a little … vapid. “Love the way you look in that dress / Umm … you’ve got me thinking thoughts in my head.”

If James were actually singing this song to seduce some lucky woman, she’d likely grab a handful of his gorgeous hair, look deep into his blue eyes and whisper, “Shhh … don’t talk.’ But the song goes on, allowing the Texas-born singer to redeem himself some during the chorus.

“Let’s don’t call it a night / Love the way you’re holding me tight / When you’re next to me / There’s no place I’d rather be / Everything is feeling so right / Oh baby let’s don’t call it a night.”

James actually sounds more like Jonny Lang than John Mayer, but both men play a guitar similar to the one James uses as a tool for his seduction. The mood is right, so perhaps — using the same philosophy men take to Valentine’s Day cards — it’s not important what he’s saying, but how he says it.

The reviewer calls Casey’s single a “delightful debut” adding:

While the tune is undeniably sultry, it manages to be tastefully fun and flirtatious. The arrangement, which is infused with bluesy inflections, beautifully sets the tone and draws a listener in from the start with an infectious appeal.

Even though the musicianship presented in ‘Let’s Don’t Call It A Night’ is of a highly impressive caliber, James does not rely solely on his skills as a guitarist to carry him through the performance. He sings through the majority of the track without excessive instrumental solos and his voice fits nicely into the country niche without seeming contrived or overdone.

Yahoo! Music’s Reality Rocks:

’ Lyndsey Parker wrote about the debut of Casey’s new music video for “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night.”  Referring to Casey as the one great blonde hope for “American Idol” Season 9, Parker said:

One thing’s certain: The camera certainly loves Casey. And I’d imagine that a lot of country fans would love this song.”  She went on to further compliment the song and its video, writing “Along with Casey’s obviously marketable golden-guitar-god image, the song is catchy and seems like it’d appeal to fans of both mainstream and classic country, as well as classic rock.

Blinded by Sound:

“Let’s Don’t call it a Night” is a fun, sultry country song that plays out slowly and seductively in the new video, and we’re reminded of what was special with Casey to begin with.


3 Responses to Reviews of “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night”

  1. I new Casey would be a huge hit and produce amazing music from the very first time I ever saw him on Idol he has what they call in the industry the “IT” factor that rare thing u can’t put ur finger on but u sence it it’s undeniable & u can’t help but to be drawn in.

  2. Neet says:

    Well, no surprises here. We’ve all known all along just how talented Casey really is. . now everyone else is finding out.

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