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9 Responses to Links

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  3. pamrichva says:

    Two forums on – Under Season 9 contestants and under groups:
    These may require sign-ups to view. Because the show is getting ready to start back up, more folks may be visitng the American Idol page and checking into what is going on with last season’s contestants. Looks like there is already a little buzz. I didn’t see these two above.

    I started threads on under General Banter & under Emerging Artists:

    Not many comments – but pretty many views so far. He needs music out before there would be much interest from folks who don’t know him from Idol.

    Hopefully his marketing team will get a press kit to and soon to get his artist pages set up + boards on there.

    These are all resources for recruiting new fans and I think he particularly needs folks signed up on his official sites so that official news can get out about his music releases. I read that Danny Gokey’s CD broke a record for debut country male artist. Casey should be able to break that if word spreads before release time – but – it’s not looking that great so far based on his FB page numbers.

    • The link to the official AI page is there, but I’ll add a direct link to his forum. The rest of the sites are under Battle Plan, because these are great ways to spread the news about Casey and his upcoming album. This site was mostly for places to get more info on Casey. I may add a new link to the top using your links and others for places where the word can be spread and fans can post about him. Thanks for the links!!

  4. Alexis Dunn says:

    we really need to get folks to sign up to his different sites and clubs, esp now that his album poss. won’t be released until fall. Please help him I know you have friends that will sign up with encouragement. I also follow Adam Lambert on Tweeter and His fan sites and when he posts or there’s any news there are hundreds if comments within hours. Casey deserves this too but we have to help.

  5. Dianne DiBiasi says:

    Casey Has many Fans!!!!! I am Challenging all Casey’s Fans to start signing up on all his links!!!

  6. Donna C. says:

    I think I still have callouses on my fingers from voting for Casey last season!!! Will never forget his version of “Heaven” by Brian
    Adamns! That was probably one of my favorites!! I hope he is doing well, and I know that I diligently watched the show for the
    first time ever to help push a contestant through! I was so happy Casey did so well! And I hope to see his name in even bigger
    lights! BTW, I love his voice and his pretty golden locks…please don’t ever cut them! 🙂 HA!

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