Live Chat

Click here to chat during Casey’s concerts.  You will find information out on how to listen LIVE to Casey’s  concert and chat with other fans during the concert. 

The chat room has four moderators, CoolCJFan, MarieLeathem1, HPSquares and NYYCEJFanJT, so you can ask them or ThCaseyJamesBlg (admin) for any help you might need.  You can use the chat room any time, not just during concerts.  Just tweet that you’re heading to the chat room to invite other Casey fans to join you there!

NOTE: Running the Chat and setting it up to accommodate enough people costs a monthly fee.  If you can help defray some of the cost, please donate ANY amount (even $1 helps!!!) to on Paypal.  Just click on the Paypal link, click send money, buying something, and my email address.  Thanks!!!

Roll Call of Chat Room Contributors:

Marie Leathem

Nancy Atwood (ridgef)

Amber Caro (CJFan_Amber)

Karen Smith (from Hillsboro)

Jen Taylor (JM_Taylor)

Carman Wesson (CoolCJFan)


Sandy Lamboy

SpinnyJB (Jennifer Bussone)

Kathy Williams

Patty Wilkins (TwickleP)

Paula Blanchat

Anonymous (you know who you are)


Anonymous 2

Click here to start chattingLive Chat – Join Now! (LIVE WordPress Chat)

If you want to make the chat window smaller, click on the popout icon on the bottom, right. 


17 Responses to Live Chat

  1. Norma Jean Gaston says:

    Great idea for the CJB during the Sugarland tour!

  2. Polina___ says:

    Ok, trying the chat room now :-)))

  3. windy1 says:

    testing testing 1-2-3

  4. Laura Patterson says:

    Thank you for this! Casey’s fans are truly the most dedicated and devoted bunch I could ever imagine. I’m so glad to be a part of the loyal following. Shari, I love all you do and thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  5. The new live chat sight is a wonderful addition to the blog. Thanks Shari for the Casey James blog and thanks to all the nice folks that are putting their brains together on this project it is working out very nicely. It’s greatly appreciated by all of Casey’s fans.

  6. daydreaminmeme says:

    Awesome idea, Shari, and so easy to do! LOVE it!

  7. kathyt1 says:

    Thank you… See ya in Little Rock

  8. Paula/pgb918 says:

    Thanks so much for setting this up, Shari. I’d love to send a contribution to offset your expenses but what should I use as your email for PayPal? (Probably a dumb question!)

  9. Jeanette Wiggins says:

    Hi, Shari, I went on the chat line for the first time last night. I did not talk because I don’t know how. This morning I am still on there. How do I close out? Thanks for any help. Jeanette

    • Jeanette Wiggins says:

      Shari, I closed it. Finally found the close button. Thanks, again. I enjoyed the chat and everything else you do.

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  12. Kathy from AL @Krainia says:

    I can’t get into the chat room. I get a message “too many simultaneous requests” even when there is no one on. ;(

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