Casey’s Live Performances through 2010

Shape I’m In


Shine Your Shoes (6/6/09)

One in a Row (accompanying his mom Debra on mandolin 6/6/09)

Gravity (Audio only from the Keys Lounge)

So High (The Ranch in Las Colinas circa 2009)  

Too Sweet for Me (at the Key’s Lounge) 


Drowning on Dry Land  



King’s Highway  

Casey at  The Stockyards  


Wayfaring Stranger  

Blue Sky  

Blue Sky (at Millsap HS)  


Shine Your Shoes 

Wayfaring Stranger 

I Need Your Love So Bad  (at the Wildflower Festival)   

Shine Your Shoes 


Shine Your Shoes (KIIS Purse Party)

Satisfied (KIIS Purse Party)

Always (KIIS Purse Party)

Jealous Guy (KIIS Purse Party)

I Don’t Need No Doctor (Ellen)

Blue Sky (Wendy Williams Show)

Jealous Guy (from the “If I Can Dream House”)


Jealous Guy



Jamming with Andrew Rhim before the tour on Georgia  

Blister in the Sun (tour rehearsal)

American Idol Top Ten Live rehearal

American Idol Top Ten Live rehearsal

At The Ranch in Las Colinas, Texas, September 10, 2010  

Too Sweet For Me (at Buttons, Fort Worth, December 25, 2010)


Fan video made for the song She performed by Casey James and Debra James and broadcast by KNON 89.3 in Dallas

Fan videos for songs from Casey James and Crossover, circa 2008:

Road to Coming Home 





3 Responses to Casey’s Live Performances through 2010

  1. Neet says:

    Love all these and have watched them all countless times. My favorite from this bunch is Drowning on Dry Land, from Keys Lounge, that I must have watched at least 50 times. Each time I wished we could somehow get a clean copy because I enjoyed it so much. I even hoped that somehow American Idol would realize how good these videos were and release them. Of course not. Silly me.
    Little did I know that we would be blessed with 17 versions of it. God is good. I love every one of them.

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  3. I love seeing how Casey has blossomed through time. I’ve said it before he has gone from a small bud and grown into a full blown beautiful flower sharing the beauty he is that comes from within for all of us to see and enjoy 🙂

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