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The Casey James Blog was started in the summer of 2010 by one fan, but over the year-and-a-half since its inception it has been supplemented with a number of talented and enthusiastic fans who wanted to help to show their support for Casey James and create a place for fans to learn more about him.  Sometimes you will see their names on a post, sometimes if a post is the work of more than one it may be listed generally as TCJB, but the blog could not continue without them.  To navigate the blog and all its information, check out this post.

Thanks to co-administrator Marie Leathem (@marieleathem1) and editors/contributors/researchers @HPSquares, Jen T. (@NYYCEJFanJT), Jen Lloyd (@CJFan_Jen), @CaroLaughs, and @Meme4CJ (who runs The Casey James Blog Discussion Forum) for keeping the blog running and keeping the fans, new and old, informed.  They, in turn, would like to thank all the fans who share their photos, videos, news and personal stories with the blog. A special thanks to Lucy Myrtle for the design of the banner.

I’d also like to thank Casey for supporting the blog and giving it a shout out as the place to find up-to-date info on what he’s up to:  Casey on My 92.5 FM 7/23; Casey on After Midnite 7/25; Casey on Country Music Pride 8/11.

Again, thanks to everyone who is, ever has been, or in the future will be, a part of this blog!

–Shari Geller


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