8/28 Poll: Has Your Favorite Casey James Cover Song Changed? Tell Us Your Top Ten!

In addition to introducing new, original songs in Canton, Ohio on August 21, at that event Casey also played two cover songs most of his fans have not yet heard.  They are:  “Big Boss Man” by Jimmy Reed and “Old Love” by Eric Clapton.1

We first asked you to pick your favorite Casey James cover songs in July.  With these latest additions to Casey’s repertoire, you may want to reconsider your rankings.  We’re asking that you narrow you choices down to a top ten.  Like the last poll, you can use whatever criteria you like to make your selections, such as:  the fact that Casey puts a unique spin on the song, the fact that you like Casey’s version better than the original, or just the fact that you want to hear Casey sing the song again.

For each cover, a video/recording of Casey performing the song is posted below under the poll.  But as fans know, on the internet there are multiple performances by Casey for most of these pieces.  We encourage you to peruse them. If you’re not familiar with the versions by other artists and you’d like to check them out, the original/past artist(s) who recorded each song is(are) listed next to each song name on the poll.    Of course, please add your comments below.  We’re interested in why you’ve made your choices.  Results will be posted at the conclusion of the poll so check back for the tallies.

Here we go.

Shape I’m InHave You Ever Really Loved a WomanHeavenDrowning on Dry LandGeorgia, Part 1 (starts around 5:00, continues in the second video)Georgia, Part 2 (continues until about 2:20, then goes into Too Sweet for Me) Too Sweet For MeI Got MineGreen Light GirlPipelineI Don’t Need No DoctorOld Love I Don’t Wanna BeMeaningNeed Your Love So BadDon’t Stop Thinking About TomorrowLiza JaneOk It’s Alright With MeSmall Town Saturday Night Wayfaring StrangerWayfaring Stranger, duet with Debra James The Rock (0-2:42, then continues with Small Town Saturday Night)Jealous GuyPower of LoveDaughtersGravityBlue SkySatisfiedEverybody Thinks That You’re Still MineEvery Rose Has Its ThornLawdy, Miss ClawdyAngel from Montgomery, duet with Debra James (1:50-7:00)Big Boss Man AlwaysIt’s All Over NowHold On, I’m CominThe King’s HighwayMrs. RobinsonBlue SkiesDon’tTalk About SufferingYou’ll Think of MePolk Salad AnnieUse MeLong, Tall Texan(0:58-end)

Also, those who enjoy Casey’s duets with his mother, Debra, will love her album Cross That Line.  It’s available on Amazon and iTunes.

1Note:  On July 21 at Kodiak Jacks, Casey performed another cover that we hadn’t yet heard him sing, “If You Could Only See” by Tonic.  Because of an oversight, “If You Could Only See” was left out of the poll, but feel free to provide your opinions on Casey’s version of this song below.


One Response to Polls

  1. karenbar13 says:

    “Always” will be my favorite forever, and I sure hope it gets on a record, but as Casey did it in Malibu, just him and the acoustic guitar.
    As of last week, though, I have a new second or third favorite. Listening to country radio hoping for “Let’s Don’t,” I heard the original version of “You’ll Think of Me.” Holy Hannah, I said to myself, now I know how much Casey did to improve this song! So I watched the YouTube from Idol; yes, it is really good and really very different from what Keith Urban did. I can see that Casey was a bit surprised that it was so little valued by the judges. Go back and listen again — it’s beautiful.

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