New Casey James Concert – 10/20/12 in Ocean Isle Beach, NC

The New Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce announced on its Facebook Page today that Casey James will be headlining the NC Oyster Festival set for October 20th on Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina.  Casey will take the stage at 4:00 PM local time.

Tickets are only $5 to get into the festival.  According to the event website:

The 31st Annual North Carolina Oyster Festival will feature live entertainment, arts and crafts vendors, festival food, a road race, kid’s area, North Carolina Oyster Shucking Championships and an Oyster Stew Cook-off!

For more information on the Oyster Festival, please click here.


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3 Responses to New Casey James Concert – 10/20/12 in Ocean Isle Beach, NC

  1. Cyndee says:

    That sounds like fun!!
    Someone said recently, “I wonder when he will plan an actual tour?” Good question, don’t you think? He could call it ‘The Locks of Love Tour,’ and part of ticket sales could support women with cancer. 🙂

  2. debbweb says:

    I’m so very happy got Casey! He is doing the right thong by playing all these places! He is getting his name out there. I keep playing my CDin my new steroid installed in my car! I keep replaying “CTYING ON A SUITCASE. ” Every song I love! For some reason “Undone,” makes me cry. Don’t know of that’s good or bad! Lol..
    Casey so deserved this! I’m going to Scranton & Patchogueto c him! I love”Drive.” Cuz I’m a driver & will drive just about anywhere to c him! I want NY or East Coast Area! Please! I’ll b in Nashville from June 23-July 5yj or 6th. I hope he has venue arount there. I’ll b close to Kentucky, which I love! God Bless Casey. & Family!

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