Casey James on SiriusXM’s Highway Hangtime

Back on March 15 Casey James tweeted that he was hanging with SiriusXM The Highway’s Buzz Brainard, and this weekend we finally got a chance to hear the results. The hour-long Highway Hangtime show featured three tracks from Casey’s debut album and two songs performed live in studio by Casey and drummer Blaine Crews, interspersed with interview segments.

Casey introduced Highway listeners to “Miss Your Fire” and “Crying on a Suitcase,” and also revealed that the first time he heard his debut single “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” on the radio was actually on The Highway. Casey and Blaine performed “Drive” and “Why I’m Feeling Blue” live and Casey explained the difficult decision not to include the latter on his first album. Casey and Buzz also discussed Casey’s upcoming touring plans, and the three words that summarize the theme of his album.

You can listen to the full interview, along with the two songs Casey and Blaine performed live in studio, below.


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15 Responses to Casey James on SiriusXM’s Highway Hangtime


    Great, great interview!!
    Casey James is so interesting to listen to and gives credit to all!
    He is so amazing!!
    He is also very intelligent which is an asset! Talented and very interesting!
    The interviewer is very good!
    I would compare Casey James to Bruce Springsteen!

    • Deborah Webster says:

      Wow Bruce Springstein! When I first saw Casey one AI he reminded me of Springstein! I agree. I just want to hear Casey on a New York City station!

  2. Susan T. says:

    What a delightful, interesting interview. I love his “I love Love”. Casey has also shown by his words and his actions that he is all about the love, and that is certainly one of the reasons his fans love him.

  3. Loved that interview. Casey is so natural and a always gives a really interesting interview. Coincidentally, my daughter called me a few hours ago to say she’d just heard a great Casey interview on Sirius XM and mentioned some of the highlights. It sounded terrific and I was so sorry I couldn’t hear it. WRONG! I should have known that you all would hear about it and find a way to post it for us. THANKS TCJB!!

  4. Thanks for the post TCJB!
    I didn’t notice this review in the list of reviews for Casey’s album, anyway, the review is a nice tribute to Casey’s music and his fans so i am sharing the link below.

  5. Deborah Webster says:

    Hi Great Al I’m. I love ” Crying on aSuitcase! I live in greater NY ates & in this supposed state of the art state, NYC DOES NOT have a country radio station! I can’t wait for Casey to do more tours on the East Coast! Good luck & God Bless

  6. Deborah Webster says:

    Love the interview. The TCJB ROCKS THANKS! Any interview Casey does is incredibly HONEST! I love that about Casey!!!

  7. whm3223 says:

    Check out the video clip for “Drive”!

  8. Alex says:

    Really enjoying this newcomers self titled album. Lets Dont call it a Night and Drive have that undeniable hit catch to them. Was excited to see that he put out a music video for Drive!

  9. kathyt1 says:

    We really enjoyed listening to this interview driving to / from Lubbock this weekend. Loved ALL of it and loved that they played songs off the album and one for the FUTURE album…

  10. Karen says:

    That was such a great interview! Happy we also got to hear him sing the beautiful “WIFSB” and sure hope it does make his next album. I’m really enjoying the one he has out right now though! I think it is really smart of Casey to want to get his band all ready for a big tour by playing and headlining at the smaller venues. Good game plan to me! 🙂

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  12. ATXFan says:

    That’s the STUFF! Casey on a coffee-cocoa roll. Wouldn’t be him without some reference to food/drink. He’s just a great interview, so personable, earnest, and entertaining. And positive, it’s pretty rare. I could see him 20 years from now hosting a radio show and gettin’ down to it with emerging artists.

    Some thoughts and certainly just my opinion, but he is no Springsteen. Bruce’s poetry/lyrics/stories are legendary and Casey is not there yet, and possibly never will be. Reviews have consistently noted that the area in which he could improve most is as a lyricist. That takes time. J/S. He has other strengths that surpass the Boss, as a lead guitarist. But I like what he said about being affirmed by the label and clearly stating that his co-writes would not be on the record if they didn’t measure up to the [Sony/BNA] standard. I really like the idea of him playing smaller venues where he can headline, but, again, the label must be willing to throw bucketfuls of money at that idea because it’s expensive to have an artist and full band criss-crossing the country. Obviously Gary O is willing to give Casey a very long lead and that’s remarkable. So that’s another way in which Casey is not like a guy without a label.

    I’ll never understand him getting/riding another motorcycle.

  13. Linda Jones says:

    Love this interview ! My favorite by far.This interviewer knows how to conduct a serious but fun interview .Very interesting ,learned a lot about Casey !

  14. Dona C. @ HBHUNNY says:

    Loved this interview with Casey! He is everything he says he is..sooo REAL!! If you have followed Casey you would know how sweet, nice and kind he is with a great sense of humor!! His CD rocks!! ..Just love him!! God Bless!!!:)

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