Casey James Plays for KILT and Some Lucky Listeners

On Saturday, March 24, Fort Worth native Casey James spent the day after his CD Release Party a few hours from home, visiting with Houston country radio station KILT in their Muve Music Lounge.

Casey played five songs, four off his new CD and one that will likely be on his follow-up record, and signed the CD for enthusiastic fans, just hours after blowing the roof off of Billy Bob’s Texas.

KILT has played the heck out of “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” and the hit single has been a staple on the station’s top 4@4 and top 8@8 countdowns and is on their Top 40 Countdown. The fans were very excited to finally get Casey to Houston and he returned the enthusiasm, entertaining the crowd with some of his new songs.

Casey played “The Good Life,” “She’s Money,” “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night,” and one song that didn’t make the album, “Why I’m Feeling Blue.” He reminded us that he wrote this piece with the same writers he wrote “Drive” with, the Warren Brothers. He also said that he hopes the song will be on his next album. Casey concluded his set with “Drive.” Introducing the tune, he mentioned that he plays it on a dobro on his CD and thinks this song is the most fun when played on that instrument.


Casey’s entire set (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan)

She’s Money (thanks Beth)

Drive (thanks Beth)


thanks @CJFan_Amber

thanks @CJFan_Amber

thanks @CoolCJFan

thanks @CoolCJFan

KILT took dozens of excellent photos, which you can check out on their website here.

KILT has also put together a number of Casey’s music videos on their website, which you can check out here.  Thanks KILT for your continued support of Casey, it’s much appreciated!!


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