Win Tickets to See Casey James Live on CMT Listen Up

From the website:

“Are you a Casey James fan living in the Nashville, TN area and want to be a part of a live performance taping?  Enter now for your chance to win a front-row spot to CMT Listen Up featuring Casey James, a live performance experience spotlighting one of country music’s top new acts, which will be taped and featured on”


Date: Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Showtime: 5:30 p.m.
Location: 12th and Porter

Winners must reside within 100 miles of Nashville, TN

Click here to enter and good luck!



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2 Responses to Win Tickets to See Casey James Live on CMT Listen Up


    Casey James has so much talent as an artist which America needs to showcase. If he performed on American Ido; and was promoted by the show, his album sales would reach millions in sales because of the promotion. I watched this happen with other Idol winners and I believe that’s not necessarily talent but promotion in magnitudes that boosts up their album sales. For example, last year’s winner performed on idol last night and he reached a all time peak in sales again.

    Why wouldn’t Idol invite Casey James last night rather than Nikki Manage or whomever.
    Season 9 had it’s difficulties with judging and confusion but Casey James fell through the cracks in being well represented by the show. I know how much he appreciates everything that he was blessed for and thanks the show for helping him but I still think that the show gave him the shortest end of the stick, and now not a little single whisper about him or his album being mentioned on the show. They supported a lot of other top 5 finalists and he came third because of misunderstandings and he should have won.
    Maybe they feel like they have egg on their face and won’t mention his name.

    This is my opinion only and not intended to harm Casey James or cause issues. This is my opinion only!!!

  2. Roni J says:

    I agree with the Canadian Caseyfan!! He has a new album out and AI has not mentioned a word
    or brought him on the show. Last week they had a performer that didn’t even come in third and pushed her album What is going on with this show?? They have the well known performers on, but horrible lame songs and this is what they promote??? Not their own??? SHAME, SHAME ON AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!

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