New Casey James Concert – 4/15/12 in Florence, AZ

Casey James will be opening Day Three of Country Thunder Arizona, the annual three-day country music event held in Florence, Arizona.  Casey will be playing April 15th, 2012, from 1:00 – 2:00.  Headlining Sunday’s show is Alan Jackson.

Click here for information on tickets.  You can buy them for the entire weekend or just for a single show.  There is camping onsite.

You can find out more information on Country Thunder here.


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4 Responses to New Casey James Concert – 4/15/12 in Florence, AZ

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  2. Diana says:

    The timing of this concert couldn’t be better. I live in Michigan but I saw Casey the first time on the Idol Tour in Phoenix. I was visiting my son. I’ve been hoping that he would come to Michigan. Can you imagine how excited I was to get this Blog. Just by sheer coincidence we will be in AZ at the time of this concert. Even better, I have only gone to one other concert in years and it was Alan Jackson. It’s meant to be, you know. I’m so excited. I’ve read all of your enthuthiastic comments about seeing him live and listened to the recordings you include. Now it is my turn. Thanks for this blog. It’s kept me going. And to be honest, no one here wants to listen to me anymore, but I know this is one place I’m not considered crazy for being supportive of Casey’s rise to stardom.

    • Dona C. @ HBHUNNY says:

      Diana Im so happy for you and you are not crazy!! Casey has so many fans that really love him! He is amazingly talented and seeing him perform live well….. you will go crazy!! Have an awesome time you will not regret it!! You get a full hour of his mad guitars skills and sexy blusey voice! Enjoy girlfriend! 🙂

      • Diana says:

        Dona …. you were so right. Best $100 I’m be ever spent. He will be closer soon. I live in Michigan so I’ve got Indianapolis and chicago to pick from. Thanks for the comment.

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