New Casey James Concert – 4/3 Nashville

CMT Listen Up introduces new artists creating a buzz in Music City. Covering a new artist each month with exclusive interviews and live performances, they offer the opportunity to get to know the artist and their music before they reach superstar status.  This live performance/taping will be held 4/3 in Nashville at the 12th and Porter.  The show begins at 5:30 pm, doors open at 5pm.  Tickets are free of charge.

Venue information:
114 12th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615.3203754


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4 Responses to New Casey James Concert – 4/3 Nashville

  1. Rats. I’ll be in Vegas April 3. (never thought I’d say that.) This sounds like great fun!! Still have a few FF miles left. 🙂 PS .. disappointed there’s been no word about Casey playing the Fan Jam stage @ACMs on April 1. With only 5 days ’til the event, I guess it’s about time to give up, huh?

  2. Cynthia says:

    This is such a great opportunity for casey James.
    He’s doing so well in sales with his new CD and
    Nashville will showcase his great talent as a new rising star!!

  3. Tracy Scott says:

    Living only 35 miles from Nashville, I really never paid much attention to it until Casey came along. Turns out-it’s a pretty cool place after all !! LOL !! I’ve never been to a “taping” before so this should be a lot of fun!! So happy for you Casey!!

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