Casey James Reaches New Chart High, New Song Appears on Request Forms

New ad for Casey James’ self-titled debut: 

Less than a week after Casey James released his debut CD “Casey James” to rave reviews, Casey saw his number of radio station adds hit an all time high, his first single “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” reach a new chart peak and a strong hint at what may be the next single off his hit-filled debut.  There were 12 radio adds since the CD dropped last Tuesday and the single moved up to #22 on Mediabase country chart.  It was also a Country Aircheck add leader and an Activator Top Point Gainer and Top Spin Gainer last week.

A second song from the CD, the crowd-favorite “Drive,” appeared on the Mediabase request forms of some 27 stations around the country: KSD, KSSN, KTEX, KXKT, KZSN, WAMZ, WBBS, WCOL, WCOS, WDSY, WDXB, WGAR, WGH, WGNA, WKLB, WMAD, WMIL, WMZQ, WNOE, WPOC, WRBT, WSIX, WSSL, WTQR, WUSY, WWYZ, and WYNK.  Fans are requesting both as well as Crying on a Suitcase, also in the running to be the next single off the album.

You can request any Casey James song (either by clicking on the link next to the song, or by writing it in on the form near the bottom) to make sure Casey is played on the radio and new fans can discover him!  For links to all the radio stations, click here.

If you haven’t already, you can buy “Casey James” on iTunes, at, at and in stores wherever CDs are sold.


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12 Responses to Casey James Reaches New Chart High, New Song Appears on Request Forms

  1. Deborah Webster says:

    Hi I am so happy for Casey! If anybody deserves it he certainly does. The closest country radio station to me is in Suffolk County, LINY. I live in Nassau County, NY. Close to NYC border. I can’t seem to find anything in Nassau County
    My Country 96.1 does not come in where I live! Does anyone know of a country radio station on the Nassau/NYC area? Id love to be able to hear Casey on the radio I’m the NY area! Thanks

    • Debbie says:

      Deborah, I live in Nassau county also! You can listen to MyCountry on your ipad, iphone or via computer. Their signal is not strong enough for us to hear on the radio just yet but they are working on it! 🙂 I am sure you do know that My Country is bringing Casey to Patchogue for an acoustic performance on April 17th. Hope to see you there!

  2. bigmjfan says:

    A radio pd also said today that sony was at the station to preview his new ssingle and it might be crying on a suitcase

  3. Linda Jones says:

    I love hearing Casey on the radio!His cd is so good,
    I believe every song could be a hit single ! I can’t pick a favorite because every song is so good but today I love Undone !

  4. lisa says:

    I love all of Caseys songs.but if he’s taking suggestions for his 2nd.single,oooh this is so hard to choose but I had to ask myself which song do I really look forward to coming on and it’s crying on a suitcase I love everything about I’m trying to learn lyrics so I can sing along with it.but I would love any of his songs.

  5. Renee says:

    Even though WYCD in Detriot added LDCIAN months ago they rarely play it, only 3-4 times a week overnight. I’m so disgusted with them, they even sponsored a high school contest for him and saw in person how incredibly talented he is. They play songs lower than his all the time-I don’t get it! STILL haven’t heard it on the radio! They also featured the song on the new music review during the day and got a great response! Would love to see DRIVE as the next single. I think it would be a MONSTER hit! A perfect song for summer! COAS a perfect follow up. Let’s see them ignore him after those two!!

  6. Tishijo says:

    I have requested Drive, Crying On a Suitcase, Good Life, and Working On It,
    a number of times.

  7. Blueslane uk says:

    Just had to tell someone! I don’t know any of you, but I feel like I do. Maybe I should join facebook or twitter, (tried twitter about a year ago but didn’t really follow it through). Five minutes ago Casey’s CD arrived in the post, I pre ordered it weeks ago, seemed to take ages to get here, but now I have it in my hands, and I CAN’T WAIT to listen to it! But first I wanted to thank TCJB for this site. I watched Casey on AI, but if I hadn’t accidentally come across this site two years ago, I probably wouldn’t have Casey’s CD now. Thank you to everyone involved in the TCJB.

  8. Roni J says:

    I have requested from Wkmk “THUNDER” everyday, to play CASEY”S LDCIAN, they seem to be
    playing it less or on ungodly hours. Also have requested,DRIVE, CRYING ON A SUITCASE and
    MISS YOUR FIRE. Let’s all keep voting for Casey where ever and when ever we can to keep him
    on the charts and help him get that #l His is an awesome talent!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO VERY
    HAPPY FOR CASEY. Thank you for the wonderful work you do on this blog a million times.

    Roni Jones

  9. Cynthia says:

    I am voting!!
    I am requesting!!
    I am so excited for Casey James to be successful!!
    I can’t remember ever being so excited about any other artist !

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