New Casey James Concert – 5/20/12 in Chesapeake, VA

It was just announced on Facebook that Casey James will be playing on the main stage at the Chesapeake Jubilee on Sunday, May 20th.  This concert is sponsored by radio station 97.3 The Eagle

On their Facebook posting, the Jubilee said of Casey “He is an immensely talented artist and we’re thrilled to have him rock the Jubilee!”

The Jubilee takes place at the Chesapeake City Park and includes amusement rides, food, fireworks and arts and crafts.  For more information on the event, check out their website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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5 Responses to New Casey James Concert – 5/20/12 in Chesapeake, VA

  1. Carlene Love says:

    Wow! Something for the Flores Family to look forward to this May! Thanks, TCJB, for always keeping us in the loop on where to see Casey!

  2. Roni J says:

    Dear TCJB, When do you think AI will feature Casey James on their show? Last week they had a female, I never heard of, from England. One, you could not understand a single word she sang.
    Two, song was boring as she was, third, she stood there like an icicle. Yet they said she was a big hit in England. Well then, she should perform there. You have a “graduate” from AI, whose every word you hear clearly, has personality, a great delivery, every song on the album is awesome. I’m sure they get a percentage on every song he delivers, soooooo why don’t they strike when the irons hot? The loyal fans feel like I do, when will they bring CASEY forward? I tried sending them an e-mail, but just can’t get through or I don’t know how. Can you forward this to American Idol? I’m sure all of us loyal fans are waiting, and the new ones, once they see him. Many thanks.

    Roni Jones from NJ

  3. pamrichva says:

    JUST THE NEWS I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! Doing a Happy Dance!! And a festival, to boot, so I can bring Cameron. Sure hope it’s a full show!!! Awesome!! Think I may be able to get a few “new” folks out, too!! WOO HOO!!!

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