Casey James Returns to Billy Bob’s Texas for CD Release Party

Almost nine months ago, Casey James played his first show at Billy Bobs Texas, an epic, emotion-packed, 21-song show that gave the fans who had traveled from as far as England a night they would never forget.  Tonight, at 10:30, Casey returned to the stage to celebrate the release of his debut CD with his family, friends and the fans who helped him achieve this dream.  He was welcomed by a crowd roaring with excitement to see him and hear him play.  They were so revved up, Casey had merely to utter a syllable and the audience went wild.

Tonight was the first time we heard Casey play “Crazy Tonight” on electric guitar.  Casey dedicated his last song, “Done Made Up My Mind,” to his long-time friend Mace Maben, an acclaimed Fort Worth musician who died on Wednesday.

Entertainment scribe Robert Philpot reviewed Casey’s concert for and demonstrated his keen musical taste and expertise, singling out TCJB’s favorite cover for special attention: “James is at his best when he’s having fun, as when he and his band did a long, choogling version of the 1969 Tony Joe White hit Polk Salad Annie that allowed every band member a solo — but showed that they’re best as a unit, one that’s so tight it’s almost like they have ESP.”  The review went on to add, “when you see him do something like Polk Salad Annie the way he did it Friday night, you know that he has a lot more that he can throw at us that shows just how strong a performer and musician he is.”  Read the entire article HERE.


The Good Life*
You Need Some Texas**
She’s Money*
Crying on a Suitcase*
So Sweet*
The Apartment Song***
Crazy Tonight**
Workin’ On It*
So High***
Let’s Don’t Call It A Night*
Love the Way You Miss Me*
Long, Tall Texan***
Polk Salad Annie***

Why I’m Feeling Blue**
Done Made Up My Mind**

*From the Debut CD
**Casey James original not on the CD

Nancy (@ridgef) was kind enough to call in from the concert so Casey’s fans who could not make it to the show could listen live.  Click below to listen to the recording.

Videos – click here for YouTube playlist of concert

The Good Life (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan)  

The Good Life (thanks Beth)

The Good Life (partial) (thanks winnpoober)

The Good Life (Part 2) (thanks winnpoober)

Need Some Texas (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan)

Need Some Texas (thanks Beth)

She’s Money (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan) 

She’s Money (thanks winnpoober)

She’s Money (thanks Beth)

Crying on a Suitcase (thanks winnpoober)

Crying on a Suitcase (thanks Donna Camarata)

Crying on a Suitcase (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan)

Crying on a Suitcase (thanks Beth)

So Sweet (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan) 

So Sweet (thanks Cyndee Hoialmen)

So Sweet (thanks Donna Camarata)

So Sweet (thanks Beth)

So Sweet (thanks Lorraina04)

So Sweet (thanks Winnpoober)

Undone (thanks Beth) 

Undone (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan)

The Apartment Song (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan)  

The Apartment Song (thanks Beth)

The Apartment Song (thanks winnpoober)

Crazy Tonight (thanks Beth)

Crazy Tonight (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan)

Crazy Tonight (thanks Winnpoober)

Crazy Tonight (thanks wenyen78)

Crazy Tonight and Workin’ On It (thanks Cyndee Hoialmen)

Workin’ On It (thanks Carmand @CoolCJFan)

So High (thanks Beth)

So High (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan)

Let’s Don’t Call It a Night (thanks Lori Castilleja, @lacastilleja)

Let’s Don’t Call it a Night (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan)

Love the Way You Miss Me (thanks Beth) 

Love the Way You Miss Me (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan) 

Long Tall Texan (thanks Beth)

Long Tall Texan (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan) 

Polk Salad Annie (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan)

Polk Salad Annie (thanks @LisaP_CJFan)

Why I’m Feeling Blue (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan) 

Bulletproof (thanks @LisaP_CJFan)

Bulletproof (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan) 

Drive (thanks Lori Castilleja, @lacastilleja)

Drive (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan) 

Drive and Done Made Up My Mind (thanks Cyndee Hoialmen)

Done Made Up My Mind (thanks @LisaP_CJFan)

Done Made Up My Mind (thanks Carman @CoolCJFan) 

Brief guitar solo (thanks Winnpoober)


Kathy Terry created a photo album of the pictures she took which you can find here.

Casey Holder took photos of the fans and of the show for  Check out the photos here.

Chuck Clark took some great photos of Casey. Click here to see them.

Below are some amazing photos provided by Jake Felts.  He also put together this video slide show of all his photos: 

thanks Carman (@CoolCJfan)

thanks @pjwood67

thanks @CoolCJfan

thanks @BethE96

thanks Lori Castilleja

thanks Carman (@CoolCJfan)

thanks @BethE96

thanks Carman (@CoolCJfan)

thanks Rhonda (@rjnelson785)

thanks Cyndee Hoialmen

thanks Rhonda (@rjnelson785)

thanks Carman (@CoolCJfan)

thanks Carman (@CoolCJfan)

thanks Rhonda (@rjnelson785)

thanks Rhonda (@rjnelson785)

thanks Rhonda (@rjnelson785)

Photo by Sara McCandless

Photo by Sara McCandless

Photo by Sara McCandless

Photo by Sara McCandless

Photo by Sara McCandless

Photo by Sara McCandless

Photo by Sara McCandless

Photo by Sara McCandless

Photo by Sara McCandless

Photo by Sara McCandless

Photo by Sara McCandless

Dino, Blaine, Casey, David, Justin


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21 Responses to Casey James Returns to Billy Bob’s Texas for CD Release Party

  1. abbie says:

    Thanks so much for everybody who has helped in any way to bring Casey James nearer to those of us who couldn’t be in his concerts and watch his tv appearances. Thank you to TCJB for bringing these people and shows together.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Casey James , be prepared to have sceptics of your authenticity show up everywhere because this is the society in which we live. Your true fans will continue to be your supporters and your strength.
    There will be persons which will cross your path in negativity and this is human nature when there is a phenomenon which they cannot grasp as victims of our unjust society.
    When this happens take it all with a grain of salt and continue to focus on who you were meant to be in your honour and true mission as a wholesome musician grounded by your family of musicians. There is no one that comes close to you in the short time that you have been signed to a recording deal. You are one of the best entertainers that I have ever seen and heard, and you have made an album which is a “State Of The Art”.
    I am from Canada and I love your music entirely!!!
    In keeping touch with my subconscious self, there is something so special about you, and I want you to help protect the true music culture which is being lost in music today.

  3. Vet says:

    The most fabulous show!!! He is the ultimate blue eyes wonder!! Love the CD! Love CaseyEJames;)

  4. Paula Blanchat says:

    Headed back to NC this morning after last night’s phenomenal show at Billy Bob’s. Casey was so happy and excited and sounded AMAZING!! And, of course, the home town crowd went crazy. Casey especially enjoyed introducing his new band of Ft. Worth musicians. He gave each of them a chance to solo–and wow!–they’re all outstanding!

    Dinner at Cooper’s was great. So nice to meet folks in person. Thanks so much to Glenda Jordon for putting this together!

    I’m just so glad I could make this trip. It was wonderful to share this moment in “Casey history”.

  5. rita starpoli says:

    was lucky to be at billy bobs for this concert which was unbelievable!!!! Polk salad annie should definitely be on the next album…the band was great and Casey is one of trhe finest musicians I’ve ever heard….This young man has a great future ahead of him…God Bless!

  6. Tommy Hoyler says:

    Great show last night. Best version of Polk Salad Annie ever. Crazy Tonight is a hit if I ever heard one. Keep on writing Casey.

  7. Kristen Knight says:

    Concert last night at Billy Bob’s was amazing! Casey played a small gig for me before he went on American Idol – i thought he was amazing then and he still is! Down to earth and crazy talented singer, songwriter and guitar player! So proud of/for him – awesome show!

  8. kathyt1 says:

    We had the BEST time – seeing all the new and old fans at Cooper’s BBQ and Billy Bob’s. CASEY JAMES was so HAPPY and performing so WELL – he took my breath away. So much ENERGY and meaning behind every guitar lick and every musical note. PERFECTION.

    THANK YOU so much for the MOST amazing NIGHT and for your SOARING SPIRIT – which literally LEPT OFF that stage last night and floated into our souls. Can’t GET the SONGS out of my mind – NOT that I’d want to. We also listened to the CD going and coming in our Yukon (yesterday and this morning – driving home). Thank you for signing the picture book for me from last year and the CD cover for Steve. (Will be making you a new picture book from the most amazing Billy Bob’s concert LAST NIGHT- usually takes me a few weeks minimum).

    THANK YOU for a PERFECT CD – each song placement – each instrument – each word – every nuance crafted with LOVE for all your fans, friends and family. And – I must ADD – even though we have bought many CD’s and from iTUNES. I have played it on my computer, iPOD, my car and Steve’s – IT IS BEST PLAYED WHILE DRIVING – WOW – extra SOMETHING special – can’t figure out why – but DRIVING is my favorite way to listen to your AMAZING ALBUM… The more we listen to it – the more WE love every moment.

    Fans for LIFE!!!!

    Kathy and Steve Terry

  9. Jeanette Wiggins says:

    I just got home from the amazing Casey James concert at BB’S. He knock my socks off. He is pure talent. The band is exceptional. Boy can he pick-um. I also had the pleasure seeing the other fans at Coopers. Some I met for the first time and others I had met once before. What a great group of people! I have said it before Casey attracts good people. For me he has made my life compete. He is a driving force of goodness.

  10. I so wish I could have been at the Billy Bob show (listened via call-) BUT Cyndee’s 10:43 of Drive/Done Made Up My Mind is like being there Casey and the band were on ‘another’ level. I always loved the KUPL version of those songs but this one is so full of energy from Casey, the band the FANS. Just AMAZING — i cant help but love that man and his guitar

  11. What an amazing night for Casey and to be with friends and family in his home stae was surely a bonus watching the video I can feel his joy and happyness almost as if i was there. I’m so happy for him, he’s such a special man. 🙂

  12. Aunt Sherry says:

    Loved Billy Bob’s!! So fun to meet such great people. Casey and the Band were absolutely ON FIRE, wish everyone could have experienced it. But sure there will be many more occasions to enjoy.

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  14. I was blessed to see Casey’s perfect performance at Billy Bob’s! My heart is pounding with excitement as I watch these videos! Casey and his music are outstanding everytime but this was the most incredible performance ever by anyone in my opinion! He gave everything he had on that stage and boy, did he have a lot to give! No doubt in my mind that he is special and beyond words to describe him! He gives his heart and soul to everything he does, including loving his fans! His CD is awesome with each song touching my heart! I can’t thank Casey enough for all of the joy & happiness he and his music have given me!

  15. Gail V. says:

    I had already decided that there are no words, to describe Casey’s live shows. Billy Bob’s was no different! It was the BEST out of the 10 shows that I have been fortunate enough to see. Casey put it all out there and pulled me right in to the music with him. It is like nothing that I have ever felt before. I am definitely a fan for life and will do whatever I possibly can to support him and his career.
    His band is incredibly talented and they compliment him really well. Gaining fans along the way 🙂 Armed with his new CD and great personality, I have no doubt that he will go all the way to the TOP!!!

  16. NYCJFan97 says:

    Thanks for posting all the videos and pictures!!!

  17. Joan says:

    It was an amazing show. I was so happy that I got to experience it. Casey just keeps getting better and better live, if that’s possible. How do you improve upon perfection? It was murder going back to work today. My job needs to stop getting in the way of my fun 🙂

  18. Joan says:

    Forgot to say thanks to those who took the vids and pics. Awesome job!

  19. What an amazing night it was! Casey and the band were at the top of their game for sure! It was a great experience to see Casey in his hometown, I knew he would rock the house! It was great meeting so many more Casey fans and family members. What a lovely family! Just blown away by all the love, hugs, and kindness received by so many! I feel blessed to be a Casey fan and be a part of such a great group of people. Casey, you have changed lives in so many ways! Because of you and your music, I have made some fantastic friends, flew my first flight ever, and have so much fun at your shows, I feel like a kid again! TY for being you! ♥

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