Casey James Talks to CMT about His Dreams Coming True

Casey James stopped by the CMT offices to talk about his first music video, for the hit single “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” as well as his debut CD.  Below are some excerpts from the interview.  Click HERE to read the entire article.

CMT: One thing everybody is going to notice about the video is that it’s very steamy, but you don’t have any scenes with the ladies. How did that happen?

(Laughs) Well, you know what man, I felt really comfortable just being myself, and I feel like that was a great introduction to me as an artist, rather than just some guy coming out of the blue making out with all these chicks on screen. I didn’t really feel like that was the way to go with it. Luckily, I had an amazing director [Roman White]. With my music, I kind of want to represent good and positive things. Not like making out with a girl is bad, but I just didn’t think it was a good way to introduce myself.

CMT: When you auditioned [for American Idol], were you taking it seriously? What was your mindset?

That’s funny, no one has ever asked me that question. The real truth is, no, I didn’t think I had a chance whatsoever. Maybe it was reckless abandon that pushed me through, to be honest with you. There was a point where I was like, “Oh, my gosh. They’re honestly taking me seriously and think that I can do this.” In the beginning, I thought that I would just go sing and then they’d kick me out and I’d be done. I tell people that, like my mom, and she just says. “Well, there had to be some part of you that believed you could do it, or you wouldn’t have made the trip.” In a way, that is true, but I didn’t really have that much of it. I just thought I’d go up there and do my best, and if it continues, then that’s God’s will.

CMT: It’s taken you a long way. What’s left on your list of dreams?

I’m there. My dream, it always has been, is to play music for a living. I’ve been blessed to be able to do that for the past 11 years. I haven’t had money for the past 11 years, but I have an opportunity now that I never had before, which is to have a CD in stores. Also to have music out there on CMT and on the radio, playing shows at nicer venues, getting the opportunity to get out there and do what I love to do. That’s my dream, and it’s come true. There’s no way that I could ever go back to where I was. I think it will always be a little better no matter what happens from here on out. That being said, my life is good. The dream has come true.


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10 Responses to Casey James Talks to CMT about His Dreams Coming True

  1. Cynthia says:

    Casey James has to be the best musician in any interview. This guy has skills that are incomprehensible and I think he’s just a natural born to be a STAR individual. God knows but I believe that he will go far in music. Again I thank this blog for the support he has been given . This is a very professional classy blog and the writer is absolutely a Godsend also.

  2. Cynthia says:

    I wish casey James would be invited on American Idol to perform. He’s one of their best if not their best so what are they waiting for???

  3. Roni J says:

    I agree with Cynthia l00%. There is no one more humble and appreciative then Casey. I too, am waiting for him to perform on Idol. As Cynthia put it so nicely. . . . . .WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR???????? tHE ALBUM IS GREAT!!!!!!

    Roni Jones

    • Deborah Webster says:

      I totally agree witth Cynthia & Roni. He shud perform on AI. He was awesome on that show and is an incredible musician. He is a STAR & he will go far. My family and I love him! I have a mentally challenged stepson who loves music and knows most of the words to most of his songs on Casey’s great new album!

    • Diana says:

      Add me on to your list. How do we start a campaign to get him on the show? He has a great story to share with these new contestants. CLASSY, hard working, great back story, talented, and so thankful to his loyal fans and family.

  4. Cynthia says:

    Oh Debrorah, I can see how your son would love Casey James !! It warms my heart to know that there are still artists today that don’t need to have lyrics which are inappropriate to make it on the charts . I am so sick of hearing legitimate artists with big names in the music industry singing about drinking beer and getting drunk so they can capitalize on the weakness of others and I won’t mention any names. Also I don’t think we need to worry about Casey’s videos showing girls in an undermining way because he stated in interviews that all his videos would be appropriate for a 5 yr. old to see. I work as an RN in addictions and Casey James is such a breath of fresh air!!! I love him!!!

  5. Karen says:

    I’m so happy that Casey’s dreams are coming true for him! He is such a fantastic musician and deserves all the good things that are happening for him!

  6. kevincorcoranjr says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing casey james at a private acoustic show in new york and man, the guy is great! He’s so down to earth, so talented, so funny, and so real. It’s so great to see someone go so far in the industry and still maintain their true character and personality. The fact of the matter is… he’s a born country-boy born to play country! Anyway, I’m a huge fan, love the new album, been rocking it straight solid for the past two days!

  7. Laura says:

    That was a beautiful article it brought happy tears to my eyes.
    He is such a warm caring person.
    The world truly is a better place because he’s in it.

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