Casey James – Interview with The Boot

“It’s been almost two years since the Texas native placed third on the ninth season of ‘American Idol’ — a show he’d never watched. Instead of striking while the iron was hot and rushing to record and release new music, as many ‘Idol’ alums do, Casey took his time putting together his eponymous debut album, which hit stores this week.”

The Boot talked with Casey James about the inspiration behind his music, and theĀ meanings they hold for him. Casey discloses details concerning some of the album tracks, including the last one added, track 11, which almost didn’t make the CD. Casey explains “Miss Your Fire” as an extremely personal and emotional song for him.

Read the full interview with Beville Darden HERE.


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2 Responses to Casey James – Interview with The Boot

  1. maria says:

    sounds to me like Casey has a girlfriend. Break it to me gently…..

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