Each day until the March 20th release of Casey James’ self-titled debut, the official Casey James website is offering a preview of a different song off the new album via various country music websites.  On March 20, you can finally purchase your own copy of “Casey James,” on iTunes, at, or at other music retailers.

Special Rehearsal Video: So Sweet (via American Idol)

Day One: Love the Way You Miss Me (via Taste of Country)

Day Two: She’s Money (via USA Today)

Day Three: The Good Life (via The Boot)

Day Four: Workin’ on it (via Yahoo!)

Day Five: Crying on a Suitcase (via Vevo)

Day Six: Drive (via The Grand Ole Opry)

Day Seven: Tough Love (via Country Weekly)

Day Eight:  Miss Your Fire (via Country Music is Love)

Day Nine: Undone (via Billboard)

Day Ten: Meet the Artist (via iTunes)

Day Eleven: Cut by Cut (via Casey James)


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  1. Kimberly says:

    The “Country Weekly” page plays “Miss Your Fire” instead of “Tough Love” and the Country Music Is Love plays “Miss Your Fire” as well.

    Will this be corrected?

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