Casey James Discusses “Romantic” New Album

Photo of Casey signing with BNA

Casey was interviewed by The Tennessean in advance of the release of his debut CD this coming Tuesday, March 20.  A year and a half ago, the picture on the right was taken, showing Casey at the Sony Nashville offices, having just signed his first record deal.  And now he is on the verge of breaking out, as his already critically acclaimed first album is about to hit stores.

Enjoy this article from The Tennessean with their recent interview with Casey:

Casey James is the first person to stand up and say he’s been blessed.

Two years ago, James took a chance and tried out for American Idol, a show he had never even watched — and still hasn’t. He came in third, but the finishing spot was enough to earn the attention of Sony Music Nashville, which signed James to a recording deal.

His debut album, which is self-titled, will be in stores Tuesday.

“Making the album has been a lot of work,” says James, who co-wrote nine of the 11 tracks and co-produced the project.

“I’ve always dreamed of making the album I wanted to make and never had the ability to do that, because I didn’t have the money to go into the studio, or amazing minds and creativity around me. I’ve enjoyed every single moment of it, from the writing of the songs and the music to going into the studio and being present for every single second of everything. It was something that I’ll never forget.”

James describes the album as “romantic” and says his debut single, “Let’s Just Call It a Night” — an up-tempo love song about “not wanting an amazing night to end” — is the best possible introduction of himself for fans and country radio.

“Even though there’s nothing else on the album exactly like that, everything has that in it, and it’s a good example of what you’re going to get stylistically,” he says.

Most of all, he wants everyone to know he’s not taking this chance for granted.

“I’m going to work as hard as I possibly can to respect the benefits and the gifts I’ve been given,” he says.

Source: The Tennessean


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11 Responses to Casey James Discusses “Romantic” New Album

  1. “James describes the album as “romantic…” Awesome! That’s JUST what I Need. Can’t wait to have my CD in hand so I can listen to it from beginning to end… none stop! I’m hoping it will inspire a lot of writing! Thank you, Casey, for being such an inspiration! =D

  2. maria says:

    This man is precious. His unending attitude of gratitude is heartwarming. LOVE him. Good luck to you on your debut album, Casey. forever a fan.


    I’m a fan and will always be a fan of Casey James’ music and I have strong belief in him as an artist. May God be with him during his journey in music and may our world be enriched by his gifts.

  4. I have been a Casey James fan since the beginning. He has an incredible talent and is so humble and unassuming. I wish him the best of everything. I feel like Casey James is going to be around for a long time to come and will only get better and better. He is what the music industry has needed for a long time. Just Love Casey James and wish him ever success.

  5. Dona C. @ HBHUNNY says:

    What you see is what you get! Casey is the most genuine person. He is so humble and kind. He deserves the best! Im so happy he is living his dream and I am so proud to say that I am a fan.since the beginning..He always had my vote and support. Im just happy that Sony recognized his talent too! His debut Cd is out this week! I know it is amazing!! If you have ever seen him perform you know he will be around a long time! God Bless Casey James! Thanks Sony for signing him!

  6. lisa says:

    I am so glad I don’t have to pick his next single,to be honest they are all so good.whatever is decided you can’t miss with it.

  7. Tiki Hodgson says:

    The actual title is “Let’s DON”T Call it a Night.” Kinda makes more sense.

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  9. Roni J says:

    The CD is EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!! Every word is as clear as a bell. It feels like he’s only singing to you personally. No one has been as loving, humble, focused and thankful as CASEY. Sooooooo


  10. Sheila mazeysheila says:

    Casey, when will you be coming to Kansas city missouri again? I missed it! I was so sad. I love your cd great job! I wish you the best in your future.

    • Lina says:

      The CD is absolutely fantastic- I can’t get enough of it! Been a fan from the beginning tooi from the first audition! Casey always had my vote- I am so happy the studio allowed Casey to take his time and releaser this amazing album! My favorite song is “so sweet” very very closely followedf by “undone”, “love the way you miss me” , “drive” , “crying on a suitcase” and let’s don’t call don’t a night”- the others are great too- those are my favorites though : )

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