RAVE Review of “Casey James” From GAC

Great American Country’s review of Casey James’ self-titled debut is an undeniable rave.  Calling Casey James “a compelling debut with an authentic feel” reviewer Daryl Addison highlighted four key tracks, “Drive,” “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night,” “Crying on a Suitcase,” “Miss Your Fire,” while describing the entire collection of songs on the CD as a “crisp, country-crossover set that is big on heartland feel and filled with bluesy guitar.”

Addison complimented Casey’s versatile vocals, which move effortlessly from a slight Texas rasp to a “warm and engaging” tone, as well as his “raw and emotional guitar playing,” which can be tender on ballads, then “fully-charged on songs like the backwater blues, ‘Drive.'”

Addison seemed particularly fond of “Drive,” describing it as a song that begs “for a volume dial that ‘goes to 11’” – “the sonic equivalent to the joy and freedom.”  He also appreciated the “gator-filled distortion and slithering electric riffs” of “Tough Love,” saying that “songs like these give the record added depth and a bit of an edge when placed next to the slower love songs.”

But it was the final sentence that summed up what this CD is really all about — the introduction of a new voice in country music.  GAC’s Addison said, of “Casey James” – “On this promising debut, Casey shows himself as a talented young artist that might be on the verge of something big.”

Read the entire review, and leave a comment, here: GAC


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7 Responses to RAVE Review of “Casey James” From GAC

  1. Diana says:

    That statement is, as they say, “Preaching to Choir”. for those of us who
    have been on board since the beginning.

    • Corrin says:

      I agree!!! But they can keep on preaching!! I love to hear Good things being said about Casey! He deserves all the praise and recongition he recieves!!!

  2. MaryS-NJ says:

    Well I agree! I’m a big fan of Drive but the song clip I have been listening over and over to I Miss Your Fire. I love the tenderness of Casey’s voice and the bluegrass feel of it.


    I wish that this review was on Amazon as the sales review.
    It’s superb!!!

  4. Tracy Scott says:

    Love this review! Casey deserves this and I am so happy to be able to follow his career! One week from today, I will be wearing that CD out!! Can’t wait!!

  5. maria says:

    That review is a beautiful thing. Along with the one from Country Weekly, Casey is off to a fabulous start. Keep ’em coming!!!

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