Casey at the N.A.B. Luncheon in Washington, DC

Casey James and Blaine Crews are in our nation’s capital today, playing two small, private shows.  Later this evening, they will play at the radio station WMZQ studios for some fans.  But the first performance of the day was an acoustic one at the National Association of Broadcasters State Leadership luncheon, sponsored by BMI.

Casey tweeted about this show earlier this morning, telling fans: “Ok. Im off to go play some music! Good stuff. Have a great day everyone. Talk to yall after a while. I think The Good Life is out today btw.”

While we have no audio of the songs, we do have two photos that NAB tweeted, as well as one tweeted by manager extraordinaire, Bryan Frasher.

We also know, courtesy of a tweet from @jimogle, that Casey sang his hit single “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night.”  And @nabtweets told us afterwards: “he was great!”

From a tweet by @CbadJamie. "Casey James live at lunch."

@ItsCourtneyYall later tweeted: "Just another day at work! With @CaseyEJames! He was great!"

The National Association of Broadcasters is the trade association that represents both television and radio broadcasters (comprising radio and TV stations as well as TV networks).


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