Casey James Media Mentions 3/12/12

Casey James was mentioned by USA  Today‘s Brian Mansfield in an article featuring Kelly Clarkson, and current American Idol alumni who are charting.  Showing Casey in the top 40 American Idol chart, “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” came in at #6, moving up from last weeks #8 position.  Read full article.

Casey stopped by Fox 17 news this morning in Nashville, and met with newscaster Kelly Sutton.  @tvkellysutton tweeted this morning:  “Look who stopped by…@CaseyEJames. New album 3/20! (His hair is better than mine.)”  Casey’s second Opry appearance scheduled for this Friday, 3/16, was mentioned as well as the self titled Casey James album debut .  You can watch it by clicking here.

Twitter was full of @CaseyEJames mentions today as the buzz concerning The Ellen Show made its rounds.  Country Music is Love, CMIL, posted and article titled  Casey James to Appear on ‘Ellen’, advertising Casey’s scheduled appearance for 3/21, the day following his album release.  Casey is expected to perform his top 30 single on @TheEllenShow, titled “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night.”  Read our detailed post and the official 19/BNA press release here.

All Access Music Group posted an article titled  Casey James To Release Debut Album, also mentioning the 3/20 date.  The article quotes Casey James describing the different guitars used in “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night,” saying:  “The very first lead part (on “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night”) is on a TELECASTER, and then the end is on a STRATOCASTER, just because I felt like the end needed to be more sexy. And where STRAT says sexy to me, TELECASTER says Country. Why not both, right?”

Casey James and CMT's Cody Allen

Casey James made several appearances, including the CMT office.  @followCMT tweeted: “Oh shoot, lookie who stopped by CMT today. Yep, @CaseyEJames with the fabulous ! Who’s grabbin’ his new album?”

Casey’s CD was also mentioned in American Idol News and Got Country.

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3 Responses to Casey James Media Mentions 3/12/12

  1. Roni J says:

    Sooooooo very,very, proud of Casey!!!!!!! What a wonderful performer, musician and person.
    Bybee, we love him too!! Can’t wait for March 20th. Reading all articles and they are awesome.
    Roni Jones from NJ

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