Casey James To Appear On The Ellen Show 3/21/12

Casey James has been invited to appear on The Ellen Show, just one day following the release of his self titled album “Casey James.”  Fans have anticipated more tunes from the new country artist for almost two years now, and they are anticipating the first day of spring, 3/20/12, more than ever as it marks the official sale date.  Casey will appear on the The Ellen Show the following day on March 21st.  Click here to find out when the show will air in  your area.

This will be Casey’s second appearance on @TheEllenShow.   Originally, Casey was expected to be on with Ellen the morning after he was voted off of American Idol, but Ellen had to reschedule when she realized that it was her mother’s 80th birthday.  Check out Casey in 2010, with Ellen DeGeneres.

Click here to watch Casey share his Idol experience with Ellen

A backstage message from Casey James to Ellen in May 2010


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25 Responses to Casey James To Appear On The Ellen Show 3/21/12

  1. maria says:

    OMG…This is sooo exciting!!!!!

  2. This is so great! Happy for Casey to have this opportunity!

  3. I love Ellen anyway, but especially for welcoming Casey with open arms!!

  4. rockinrobyn59 says:

    Casey on the tee-vee! How exciting! Thank you Ellen!!! Loved Ellen’s interview with Casey after Idol- Casey was such a natural! Loved it when Casey sang “Don’t Need No Doctor”! Hope this gets the ball rolling for more TV interview guest spots. Would love to see him on Leno or Letterman! This is gonna be a great year for Casey! 🙂

  5. Karen says:

    Yaaaaa! 😀 So happy that Casey is going to be on the Ellen Show! So glad that he is being recognized and really hope that he is going to be on some other shows!

  6. Gail V. says:

    New CD, watching Casey on The Ellen Show, and flying to Texas for Billy Bob’s concert!!! I think that I am enjoying this as much as Casey is 😀 This is so exciting!!!

  7. OMy flipping gosh!!! Dang, it’s about time and you are right robyn, this year and many to follow Casey is going to be the “IT ” guy. Such awesome news, so excited for him!!! Love him and Casey girls so much and don’t say it often enough! Congratulations CEJ!! Our very own blue-eyed- eighth wonder of the world!!

  8. This is so exciting!

  9. Katy7540 says:

    Cant wait to see Casey on the Ellen show! I watch her every day. She was a judge on Idol the season Casey was on, and might’ve had him on more often imo. Hope he brings the band!!!!!!

  10. mich in colo says:

    Ellen is one smart cookie!!! I hope she interviews him, too! Knowing Ellen, she will be giving away his CD to everyone in the audience! Yay!!!!

  11. lisa says:

    I was wondering when he was going on the tv circuit to promote his album.thank goodness I will be watching.can’t wait!

  12. Tracy Scott says:

    I remember seeing Casey on the Ellen Show the first time-I was so sad that he had been voted off AI. I’ll be watching this time too-happy that Casey has come so far!! Thank you Ellen for this TREAT of getting to see Casey on TV again!


    Now I know why I love ELLEN SO MUCH– THANK YOU-THANK YOU- THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH ELLEN!!!!! Casey James sure deserves this opportunity and I will be glued to the TV to watch him!!!

  14. Joan says:

    I am so glad he is going to be on Ellen again. I love her show and I think it will be the perfect way to launch his CD. Would be hilarious if she made him dance with her at the beginning, considering how much Casey “loves” to dance 🙂

  15. Tracie Smith says:

    I’m so excited to see him on Ellen again!! I’ll be rushing home from work to watch it.

  16. abbie says:

    I love Ellen too and i love her even more for making true to this follow up interview. I just hope Wendy Williams does it too! i remember how vocal she was about who she rooted for in AI.

  17. rita starpoli says:

    I know it wasen,t me alone but months ago I emailed your show requesting this….I am sure hundreds of others emailed you also…love your show tape it every day and so glad you will have Casey on your show …He is amazing and a very good guy..Thanks for helping him reach his goals…kudos to you ya

  18. Carol says:

    Will Ellen give him Ellen underwear-if so have him model it for us.

  19. kathyt1 says:

    I am so excited… I have it scheduled to record it and hope to watch it in person. This should be a GREAT interview and hopefully he will play too…. LOVE Ellen and appreciate her bringing Casey James back to the show… So happy for Casey’s new album.

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