Casey James Interview with 100.5 WKXA (Audio)

Today, Ohio’s Your Country Now, 100.5 WKXA posted an article about the timing of Casey’s CD as well as how it’s a true representation of who he is, at this time.  You can read the entire article below complete with audio clips.  You can also view it in on the radio station’s website here.

Casey James Took His Time With First Post-‘Idol’ Album

“Casey James fans don’t have much longer to wait until his self-titled debut album finally hits stores. The 2010 American Idol finalist has been hard at work on this project since shortly after being eliminated from the reality show competition as the third runner up.

Casey felt the pressure to pump out an album almost immediately after Idol, but he tells us he’s glad he didn’t cave in. “A lot of people said, ‘Make an album quick! Get out there and capitalize on the show and strike while the iron’s hot,’ and I agree. Had I done that, I probably would’ve sold more records initially, but I feel like I probably would’ve not made the right impression, and I probably would’ve not been proud of the album as much as I know I feel great about it now. We wanted to promote a lifetime of music rather than six months of music and the 11, 12 years that I’ve spent playing in bar and restaurants and private parties and churches and everywhere that I could rather than promoting the show.”

Casey says the extra time he took helped create an album he will be proud of for years to come. “For me, it took time to get it right and to feel like that if I looked at this album 10 years down the line that I would be proud of it and I would feel like that is a great representation of who I was, musically, in those moments, and I feel like I did that. I can look back right now and feel really proud of it and say, ‘This is exactly what I was hearing in my mind.'”

Casey is climbing the charts with his debut single, “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night.”


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