Casey James ~ Weekly Recap Ending 3/3/2012

Casey James’ single, “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night”, has jumped to #23 on Bob Kingsley’s 40 this week, #27 on Billboard charts, and #25 Mediabase this week. The track has been making huge leaps on the charts, and is still holding strong. Requesting the song with one of the larger radio stations is a sure way to contribute to his success. Please click here for detailed request information. Also, visit the Billboard site, and give Casey’s single some love! You can click the heart to love it, and don’t hesitate to comment!

The first day of Spring is near, and for Casey James fans, it marks the much antcipated day of an album release. This was a big week for Casey and his fans, and he spent the week hitting the road with a new full band in tow. Casey’s music is stunning the crowd even more, and fans cannot stop talking about the perfect fit of these selected band members, and how incredible they are blending together.

With Blaine Crews on drums, Dino Villanueva on bass, Justin Pate on keyboard, and David Kurrasch on steel guitar; Casey and the guys took New Jersey by storm this week. The collaboration of native Texans are certainly united, and as a group, are recreating the album tracks, and delivering awesome music to the fans. Don’t miss our detailed posts this week to catch fan photos, videos, and more!

Check out all of Casey’s media mentions:

Don’t forget our updated concert schedule! Several new shows are added to Casey’s schedule each week, and we have all the details! This week, shows in the following cities have been added:

Your votes count for Casey’s music video:

Casey will be consumed next week with plenty of travels to MD, MO, GA, and FL. Keep checking in as our site is consistently updated with new concert information, photos, videos, and the hottest news.


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