Casey James OWNS the Stage in Mount Laurel, NJ

courtesy of margherita

Casey James always owns the stage, and tonight was no exception. He performed at the Prospector’s Steakhouse and Saloon in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Taking the stage with his new band – Blaine Crews, David Kurrasch, Justin Pate, and Dino Villanueva – at 10 pm Eastern, Casey was met with enthusiastic fans who went wild throughout the hour-long show. An incredible night for this lucky crowd as Casey was so charged up that he treated them to a 3-song encore.

Casey opened the set with “The Good Life,” and fans are accustomed to hearing this acoustically, but the electric, full-band arrangement made a great song even better.  Next up was “Crying on a Suitcase,” which is a really addictive song that has quickly become a fan favorite. Casey punished his guitar during the next tune, which was a cover of “So High” by Tab Benoit.

Next, he explained that he “was going back to the CD to sing a song that he loves,” entitled “So Sweet.” Casey chatted with audience members before slowing it down a little bit with “Undone.” This favorite has only been heard with a full band fewer than a handful of times, and is just as beautiful electric as it was acoustically.

Next, Casey did something a little different, and playing one we haven’t heard since 2011 titled “Bulletproof.” Casey first introduced this upbeat tune last March while touring with Sugarland. Next up was a killer version of “She’s Money,” from his upcoming album. Following up, the crowd went wild when they heard the first few chords of the hot single, “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night.”

Casey interacted with the audience before beginning an awesome version of “Workin’ On It.” He next slowed it down with “Love the Way You Miss Me,” which sounds nothing short of amazing with a full band. Next up, Casey closed his set with a crowd-pleasing “Drive,” which started with an extended electric guitar riff.

Surprisingly, that wasn’t enough, and Casey continued with the ballad that almost made the CD, “Why I’m Feeling Blue.” He continued on with a red hot version of TCJB favorite “Polk Salad Annie.” As if the crowd wasn’t spoiled enough, Casey began “Done Made Up My Mind,” beating the guitar to death, and causing every person who listened live via conference call or live stream to be breathless by the end. His ownership of the stage tonight could be felt by even those who were at home.

Thank you to Beth for calling in so we could all listen in via conference call.
You can listen to the full show here:

And thank you Cathyanne for the amazing Live Ustream, what a treat!


The Good Life (thanks @prinnie19)

The Good Life (thanks Beth) 

The Good Life – (partial) (thanks to @prinnie19’s mama)

Crying on a Suitcase (thanks @prinnie19)

Crying on a Suitcase (thanks Beth) 

Crying on a Suitcase – partial (thanks @prinnie19’s mama)

So High (thanks Margherita)

So High (thanks Beth) 

So High – partial (thanks to @prinnie19’s mama)

So Sweet (thanks @prinnie19)

So Sweet (thanks Beth) 

So Sweet (thanksMGJ518) 

Undone (thanks @prinnie19)

Undone – partial (thanks to @prinnie19’s mama)

Undone (thanks Beth)

Bulletproof (thanks Margherita)

Bulletproof (thanks @prinnie19)

She’s Money (thanks @prinnie19)

She’s Money – partial (thanks to @prinnie19’s mama)

Let’s Don’t Call It a Night (thanks Margherita)

Let’s Don’t Call It a Night – partial (thanks @prinnie19’s mama)

Workin’ On It (thanks @prinnie19)

Love the Way You Miss Me (thanks @prinnie19)

Drive (thanks @prinnie19)

Why I’m Feeling Blue (thanks @prinnie19)

Why I’m Feeling Blue – partial (thanks to @prinnie19’s mama)

Why I’m Feeling Blue (thanks Beth)

Polk Salad Annie (thanks Beth)

Polk Salad Annie – partial (thanks to @prinnie19’s mama)

Done Made Up My Mind (thanks @prinnie19)

Done Made Up My Mind (thanks Margherita)


The following photos are thanks to Margherita, some were sent to us directly from the show & the rest are from her Facebook page. To see all her FB pics go here.

Thanks to Margherita

Thanks to Margherita

Thanks to Margherita

Thanks to Margherita

Thanks to Margherita

Thanks to Margherita

Thanks to Margherita

Thanks to Margherita

Casey and Margherita

The following pictures are from @prinnie19 and all her pictures can be viewed on her Facebook page here.

Photographer Kenneth Carter took some great shots of Casey which you can find here.


Photo by Gina Monaco Kurczeski

Photo by Gina Monaco Kurczeski

Photo by Gina Monaco Kurczeski

Photo by Gina Monaco Kurczeski


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19 Responses to Casey James OWNS the Stage in Mount Laurel, NJ

  1. WOOOOOO Casey U ROCKED it out. I loved watching you on ustream. I loved hearing So Sweet and Done Made Up My Mind again, it sounds AWSOME with the new band and Drive, HOLLY SMOKES I loved the entro 🙂

  2. Georgia says:

    Casey Rocks and loves his fans!!!! Awesome show!!!!! Thank you!!!! ❤

  3. @KUAngel says:

    Loved the show last night!!! Waited a long time to see u Solo & get that hug! 🙂

  4. Lisa P. says:

    Casey was absolutely amazing! I guess being a HUGE Casey fans intensifies the feelings, but I thought he rocked it out via live stream! I was very impressed! I cannot wait to see the full band live! Simply AMAZING!!!

  5. Georgia says:

    I see Casey will be in Ft. Worth, TX. on the 16th. Wish he could add a show in San Antonio on the 15th or 17th -19th. Would love to see him again and bring my family to a show since we’ll all be together then. If only dreams could come true. He truly owns the stage.

    • TCJB says:

      Casey is in Nashville, TN on the 16th. He’s returning for his second visit to the Grand Ole Opry. Casey will be in Fort Worth, TX at Billy Bob’s on March 23rd.


    I was just listening to Live UStream and Casey James and his band sound so super great!! Absolutely breathtakingly great !!!! I have been hoping and praying for this and it’s really happening for him!!!

  7. bigmjfan says:

    Cryin on a suitcase is a hit. This is quickly going to be one of my favorite songs. It tells a great story.

    • DITTO!! ABSOLUTELY A HIT!! This song going to be of my favorite songs when the first time I heard that song. Many thanks to Marie & Co. for the CJ blog – what a diligent job! And every day, without a pause!! I admire you!! ❤

      • TCJB says:

        Thank you so much, we have a great crew. But can tell you, Shari works so hard on this blog. We’re all exhausted and she’s only been gone 2 days. 😉 She really is devoted and it’s a pleasure to help. Thank you for the compliment!

  8. Tina Deraco says:

    Thanks for the great videos and pictures of Casey and his band! Speaking of which, anybody know the names of the new band members?

    • Jen T. says:

      The band is Blaine Crews (drums), Justin Pate (keyboards), Dino Villanueva (bass), and David Kurrasch (guitars).

      • Tina Deraco says:

        Thanks Jen! I’m sure they’re great, but have to admit I was lovin Billy Nobel:-) I’ll look forward to hearing them!

  9. Jeanette says:

    Cryin on a Suite Case is going to be another hit for him. I predict that he will have one hit after another. He has the IT factor. You want to hear him and watch him.
    The Blog is the Casey Encyclopedia. I am always amazed. I have heard that you know you are old when you are no longer surprised. The Blog and Casey continue to surprise me. Thank you.

    • TCJB says:

      This is so sweet! It’s a big thank you to MANY people. Thanks to everyone who takes pictures and videos! You will never know how much we appreciate you.

  10. Casey Looks and sounds better then ever, if that’s possible. His new band is awsome, his management team is great. I can’t wait to see Casey again I just can’t wait 🙂

  11. Pingback: Casey James ~ Weekly Recap Ending 3/3/2012 | The Casey James Blog

  12. Renee says:

    I want to echo what others have said. Thank you so much to Shari and the Crew here at this blog and to all the others responsible for bringing us all the Casey happenings. Thanks to those who unselfishly video and call in his performances so the rest of us can “be there.” What an amazing group of people this young man has brought together!

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