Casey James Album to Hit Shelves in Canada

Casey James’ new album will be on shelves in Canada., from Quebec, announces the release date of Casey’s album in their country music news. The article, originally written in French and translated in English (via Google translator and then some changes made to make it more conversational instead of a straight translation), reads as follows: In Europe no one has heard of Casey James, but in the United States he is a celebrity! This young guitarist, songwriter and performer from Texas is almost 30 years old, comes straight from the American reality TV show “American Idol 2010.” He left the show with a very large following after placing third and that is pretty good! This very talented young artist is extremely experienced in the United States. You will find the first album of Casey James in the trays of your record shops on March 20, 2012. This new album contains 11 great songs, 9 of which were co-written by Casey.”

Casey James fans spread halfway across the world, and the destined superstar has released one single. Casey fans already know that we are witnessing a star in the making, and the rest of the world is soon to take notice. Take a look at our fan map. Click here and see where Casey’s fans live.

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3 Responses to Casey James Album to Hit Shelves in Canada

  1. Alexis Dunn says:

    This is awesome I have several friends in canada, and they can’t wait.


    I am a proud fan of Casey James. I can’t wait for his CD,
    it’s going to be so amazing!!!

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