Casey James in Brick, NJ

Casey James took the stage tonight at Jack and Mike’s Brickhouse Bar and Grille at 7:30 PM. Radio station WKMK 106.3 FM, Thunder 106 sponsored Casey James as part of their Bud Light Thunder Road Concert Series. Casey was introduced by Thunder 106, and greeted with a ramped up and super enthusiastic crowd. The crowd truly represented Casey’s fan base accurately as he delivered a song set to a high energy group.

Prior to the show, Casey was interviewed live on the air with 106 personell, and explained how excited he was to perform for the full venue. Click here to listen. Casey radio interview with 106

Performing with a full band, show goers went crazy as Casey opened his set with the first track on his album, “The Good Life”. Performing next was the fresh tune anticipated on the album titled “Crying On A Suitcase”. Following was the catching track “Working On It”, which seems to quickly turning into a fan favorite. Up next was “So Sweet”, which he has just began performing again after a several month break, and the crowd went wild. The next album track was a stunning version of “Undone”. Casey laughed on-stage as the crowd continued their screams. “So High” cover by Tab Benoit was next on the set list, and fans were only growing more excited. The high energy rolled right into the next tune, “She’s Money”. “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” followed, and fans didn’t fail to support the chart climbing single as cheers were belted out before, during and after it. “Love the Way You Miss Me” was next. He began plucking the guitar chords slowly at first, but every Casey James fan knows that Casey likes to play around at the beginning, indicating that “Drive” was up next. Following was a blog favorite cover of “Polk Salad Annie”. Casey asked the crowd if they wanted one more, and he closed his set with one that “didn’t make the album”, but he tends to promise it on a second album, titled “Why I’m Feeling Blue”.

Thank you to Beth for calling in so we could all listen in via conference call.  You can listen to the full show here.


The Good Life (thanks Beth)

Crying on a Suitcase (thanks Beth)

Workin’ On It (thanks Beth)

So Sweet (thanks Beth)

Undone (thanks Beth)

So High (thanks Beth)

She’s Money (thanks Beth)

Let’s Don’t Call It A Night (thanks Beth)

Love the Way You Miss Me (thanks Beth)

Drive (thanks Beth)

Polk Salad Annie (thanks Beth)

Why I’m Feeling Blue (thanks Beth)


Thunder 106 has posted some pictures on their Facebook page, you can see all of them here.

The following pictures are from Margherita’s FB page.  You can sell all of her pictures here.

Casey and Margherita

These next pictures are thanks to Debbie Indiero.  To see all of her pictures, check out her Facebook page here.

Thanks Debbie Indiero

Thanks Debbie Indiero

Thanks @aintitbeautiful

Thanks @AintItBeautiful

Thanks @AintItBeautiful

Thanks to Susan Gadaleta Beaver

Casey and Liv Devine (she opened for him)


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6 Responses to Casey James in Brick, NJ

  1. lisa says:

    so lucky,I wish houston could get him.

  2. MaryS-NJ says:

    I was there to see Casey in person in his own show for the first time last night in Brick, NJ. He was great, of course, and had a warm New Jersey welcome in very close quarters packed with fans! This was the first time my husband had every heard any of Casey’s music and he really enjoyed the set – one more fan looking forward to listening to Casey’s album that comes out on my birthday! I can’t wait!

  3. Karen says:

    Wow – those are some really great pictures! 😀

  4. Ana Lúcia Perfoncio says:

    Thanks for the article! The photos are great! Some video?

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