Casey James Talks New Album with Nashville Country Club

Nashville Country Club had a chance to sit down and chat with Casey during CRS week and talk to him about his upcoming album, and how excited he is to be able to go out and tour in support of the album and share with people what it is that he does.

Casey reiterated what he’s told other interviewers — that there is a message, a story, in the entire album and that he hopes it’s listened to and enjoyed as a whole.  He explained that the music on the album pulls from a variety of genres – rock, country, folk, blues, soul – and you can just see how eager Casey is to share the music.

They also discussed another favorite Casey subject, the fans, as well as plans to start touring with a full band.  Watch and enjoy the video here:


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9 Responses to Casey James Talks New Album with Nashville Country Club

  1. Gaja says:

    Dear Ladies, I’m more than grateful for your wonderful work. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
    I’m so happy that Casey appreciates your efforts. I think for you it is the most valuable prize.

  2. Laurie says:

    Wow! What a GREAT interview!! I love hearing Casey talk about the Blog!! I am so proud to feel like a part of all of this and it is because of you at TCJB!! The live call-ins, the chats, the information, the concert schedule…..truly, truly AMAZING!! Thank you so much!! I am excited for Casey to come back to NC and play again, I know he felt bad, but he really shouldn’t…..we do understand….and I think we all love him more than we already did! I keep saying this, but March 20th cannot get here soon enough….I can’t wait to get my hands on Casey’s CD! THANK YOU TCJB….you are truly the best!!

  3. maria says:

    When i met Casey last week in Connecticut, i told him how i request his song everyday online and do all the other things “that the CaseyJamesBlog tells me to do” since that’s my way of rootin him on. he got a kick outta that. so thank you Shari and crew! you guys ROCK!

  4. Nancy Atwood says:

    I love this interview!! He always does so wonderfully on each and everyone…yay Casey!! I also love how much he appreciates his fans and this awesome blog!! He comes here to check where he’s going! Love it! :)That just shows how up to date this is, always! Thank you to each of you working on The Casey James Blog to bring us the latest and greatest information and to those who contribute with call ins, pictures and videos! Together we are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Casey and his amazing talent!!

  5. Aunt Sherry says:

    There really aren’t enough words to express the appreciation we all have for this blog!!!

  6. abbie says:

    Nice going TCJB! How good is Casey at motivation? Just have to admire his appreciation for everyone he comes across with. Such a nice, gentle old soul. How can anyone not love him?
    I come from Dubai and I echo what he said, whenever i need an update about Casey I just go to this blog. Why waste time googling it when i know google will only lead me to TCJB? 🙂
    So happy for you guys! great job!

  7. Susan T. says:

    Thank you TCJB! I check in often and I am so grateful for all your updates on the wonderful Casey James. It is nice to see that he checks in also. You know that you’re doing a great job when Casey goes to you for his information, Thank you for supporting and promoting him with all your great work.

  8. Cyndee says:

    Has it been over two years that we’ve been following, supporting, and cheering for Casey?! This interview is such a heart-warmer!! He’s just everything I thought he was, hoped he was, and much much more! What never ceases to amaze me is that he’s so smart about his music career! Every other day, there’s a new accomplishment, a new milestone met, another surprise! And to have an encyclopedia of all things Casey at our fingertips is just the most amazing thing! I love saying to journalists, ‘It’s a well documented and reliable source.” That’s truly important!
    What an incredible journey these past two years have been!! Sometimes I just can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of it. And another amazing thing is that we’ve only just begun! 🙂

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