Casey James – CMIL’s Artist of the Week

Casey at 3rd Annual CMIL Concert/Thanks Sylvia Faulkner

Country Music Is Love profiled Casey James as their Artist of the Week this week, providing readers with a brief overview of Casey’s journey from American Idol to BNA recording artist.

CMIL also had a chance to interview Casey James before he played at their charity event last night benefiting the City of Hope. The discussed his upcoming debut CD which Casey co-produced and for which he co-wrote nine of the eleven tracks.

When asked about his musical influences and how they impacted the album, Casey said “I kind of go back to my original influences, which is anything and everything under the sun.  It’s kind of a mix of a million different things and I guess it just comes out being what it is and I really don’t know how to describe it other than saying it’s my music.”

Though Casey is climbing up the country music charts and is on the Sony Nashville BNA label, the album is not exclusively country. “There’s some southern rock. There’s some blues. There’s some traditional stuff. There’s even some pop sounding stuff,” he told CMIL. “There’s a little bit of everything in there.”

But while there is a little bit of everything in the album, deciding which songs would make the cut was tough.  “Picking out songs for the album was a devastating process because, you know, songs that you love playing, or singing, sometimes even your best song might not even make the record,” he told CMIL. “I feel confident that I made the right decisions and that I made the best album that I possibly could, and so, hopefully when people hear it, they’ll feel the same way.”

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