Casey James ~ Weekly Recap Ending 2/18/2012

Casey traveled each day this week to meet the demands of a hectic schedule. Performing last Saturday through Friday, he consistently delivered his incredible performances and won over the crowds. Big news was disclosed to fans via Twitter as Casey tweeted his official band members. On bass will be Dino Villanueva, Justin Pate on keyboard, and Blaine Crews on drums/percussion.

At this point, the amount of radio spins for “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” are imperative for several reasons. The more the song is requested, the more spins it gets. In turn, the stations will begin moving the single to a more desirable time slot. Fans play a critical role in contributing to the amount of times the song is played, which directly affects the chart ratings. We have compiled a detailed list of the largest markets for the fans to utilize to contribute to the success and exposure of Casey’s single. Please click HERE and request like crazy.

“Let ‘s Don’t Call It A Night” continues to climb the charts, and seems to be proving to listeners that Casey James is definitely a name to look for. After 26 weeks, and 148 more spins than last week, here are the charts:

Mediabase: This week: #28 up from #29
Billboard: This week: #27 up from #29 Greatest airplay and sales gains this week.*
Top 40: This week: #29 up from #32!
CMT Pure 12 pack: #2

Sony/BNA released an acoustic version of “Drive” video that fits Casey and depicts his love for cars very well. Be sure to enjoy this excellent music video, and see our detailed post click here.

Click the corresponding link to catch up on our detailed post for each show, including photos and videos:

Sunday 2/12: Casey James Takes the Stage at WCTK’s Cat Country Snowball Benefit in Cranston, RI
Monday 2/13: Casey James Plays WWYZ’s Concert for Kids Benefit at Cadillac Ranch
Tuesday 2/14: Casey James Treats HANK-FM Listeners to Private Show
Wednesday 2/15: Casey James Plays WQMX Charity Event at the Tangier in Akron, OH
Thursday 2/16: Casey James Plays Private Concert for Lakeview High School
Friday 2/17: Casey James Takes the Stage at Johnny and June’s

Casey was interviewed this week by 99.5 WYCD, and we have provided a recording as Casey discusses performing for charities, how he feels about our Troops, and “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night.” American Idol News caught up with Casey for a lengthy interview this week. He explains a touring plan, how much he loves his fans, and much much more. Consider this a “don’t miss.” During an interview with WQMX, Casey showcased his guitar skills during a performance of “Drive”, and left a serious impression on radio personell.

Don’t miss the several new concert dates added this week. Our updated concert tab contains detailed location and ticket information. Casey travels back to Nashville for another live performance on Tuesday, and has a little bit of a lighter schedule this next week. Request, request and request this week! Maybe we could double the increase of spins from 148 to 300?

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3 Responses to Casey James ~ Weekly Recap Ending 2/18/2012


    I love this recap from Shari or whomever is so great to inform us Casey fans of his play by play progress!
    I hope that all his fans from the United States are voting for his single as much as I am and I’m from Canada!! I love him!!!

  2. Cherrel Underwood says:

    Thanks for the very thorough recap, Jen!! Really appreciate all the links!! I’m still trying to catch up on all the videos and interviews. It’s just great to be able to have all this info in one place!
    I’m so looking forward to seeing Casey at Exit/In this coming Tuesday!! :))

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