Casey James Plays Private Concert for Lakeview High School

Casey James spent part of today at Lakeview High School in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.  He had a meet and greet, gave an exclusive interview, and then played a thirty-minute set for the students, faculty and staff.  After the show, he spoke with some students about the importance of giving back, which was appropriate as this special concert came about as part of a charity drive.

Lakeview was the winner of a private concert by Casey for collecting over 650 cell phones for soldiers (which you can read about here).  The contest and the special prize was the idea of radio station WYCD and benefited the charity Cell Phones for Soldiers.

While this was a closed concert, a special prize just for the school, Casey’s fans from around the world were not left out.  The school and its charity arm the LHS Huskies with a Heart shared today’s event with the rest of us on its Twitter page.  In addition, teacher Matt Barranca and his TV/Broadcasting class videotaped the entire concert for The Casey James Blog (see below).

Casey and drummer Blaine Crews took the stage a little after 2:00 PM EST and was greeted by an enthusiastic auditorium full of students decked out in their best country garb.  But, what they got was not a country concert, but a Casey James concert, full of his unique blend of soul/blues/country/rock that transcends and crosses all genres.  Casey played “Workin’ On It,” “The Good Life,” “She’s Money,” “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night,” “Why I’m Feeling Blue,” “The Apartment Song,” and “Drive.”

But before his last song, Casey took a second to give the students a little life advice.  Telling them “you can do anything that you want to do, you just gotta believe it and make it happen.  And I promise you, you can get there.”

After the show, LHS Huskies with a Heart posted this on their Facebook page: “Wow! What an awesome day all around! Spent lots of time with Casey and was able to see that he truly his a kind soul who just has an absolute passion for music.”


Cam Wilson took some amazing video of Casey’s whole show: 

Workin’ On It (thanks stagehandlocal38)

Workin’ On It (thanks stagehandlocal38)

Workin’ On It (thanks LHS)

Let’s Don’t Call It A Night (thanks Steve Wiseman)

Why I’m Feeling Blue (partial)/The Apartment Song (partial) (thanks to Jennifer 10791)


St. Clair Shores Patch: #americanidol #caseyjames rocks #LakeviewHighSchool

Photo by St. Clair Shores Patch

Photo by @TaylorShock

Photo by Jamii Neubauer @TxJ713 "@CaseyEJames Is playing at #Lakeview. Pretty sweet! Glad to be working today! Lol"

photo by Gracie McCollom

"@a_goods13 Awesome little concert at Lakeview today performed by @CaseyEJames. Can't wait for the album."

WYCD took dozens of photos of Casey before and during the show at Lakeview High School, which we cannot upload to the blog.  You can check them all out here.

"@JennaLynn8412: @CaseyEJames thanks for giving my aspiring young journalist the opportunity to interview you :-)!"

Casey and Jason of WYCD

St. Clair Shores Patch: After his concert, Casey James speaks to students at Lakeview High School.

St. Clair Shores Patch: American Idol Casey James meets with members of Huskies with Heart before his concert at Lakeview High School.


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6 Responses to Casey James Plays Private Concert for Lakeview High School


    Wow! Beautiful stage presence! You are so awesome!

  2. jennifer bussone says:

    I love the Detroit Loves You signs. 🙂 Lucky kids! I think Casey gained a lot of new fans that day!

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  4. Sounds like the kids loved it… Nice job Casey!

  5. Therese Maniaci-Stonehill says:

    I wish they would’ve invited alumni. I Love Casey. He was my pick last year.

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