Weekly Charts Watch: Casey Keeps On Going!

“Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” keeps on going strong on Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart, moving up 2 spots to #27 with a bullet with nearly 0.500M increase in Audience Impression and +86 spins, played on over 130 of the 140 Hot panel stations.

Here are the  leaders on playing the song according to Mediabase :

Also new spinners last week:

Three new adds this week from the Hot panel (big stations) including WQYK Tampa Bay, WBBS Syracuse and KSSN Little Rock. Also 3 new adds on the Activator panel (small stations) including WZKX Biloxi, WFRE Frederick, MD and KIXQ Joplin, MO. For more info. on how to request you can visit the Team Casey tab on the main page or Radio Stations Request Forms / Numbers

At Callout America, “…Call It A Night” soars to #14 overall jumping from #24 two weeks ago, testing very high with core Females #14 , core males #15.

Please keep requesting radio play Casey and thank them when you hear him on their station (especially morning drive time).  Also, take the music surveys that we have listed here to keep the audience rating high!

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4 Responses to Weekly Charts Watch: Casey Keeps On Going!

  1. Kevin says:

    Hi There Meme4cj,
    I take your point, am bored of MTV and i really need another site
    thnx in advance
    Nice One!

  2. Roni J says:

    I request Casey’s LDCIAN every day and also thank them. They went from ungodly hours of early a.m. to daytime. Wrote them I can’t thank them enough. Also spreading the word, please listen to WKMK for best music around, and listen to Casey James the new upcomin g “STAR” with great talents. Casey deserves the best, he and his family are such wonderful down to earth people.
    So happy to hear the song is moving on the charts all over!!!!!!
    Roni J from NJ

  3. Lori Crowl says:

    i Love seeing the local stations in Pittsburgh P.A and Ohio, are really gving Casey’s song the spins!! I smile and crank up the volume EVERY TIME THEY PLAY IT!!!


    I’m going to keep requesting!!
    ! I love him.
    I think he wrote so many great songs that I’m excited to
    collect all of his albums already!!

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