Casey James’ Fans are the Best

Casey James’ manager recently tweeted what those of us who have been on Team Casey for some time have always known, Casey is blessed with the best fans in the world.

As Bryan put it, “In twenty-five plus years in music I have never seen fans like Casey James’ fans. You gals and guys are the best ever…period.”

We’ve discussed before the many examples of the big hearts and loving dedication of Casey’s fans, and every day we’re reminded how lucky he is to have fans who care so deeply and work so hard to help support an artist they believe in so much (here and here).

Aside from the the friendships and kindnesses of Casey’s fans (most recently when fan Gail Vaughn gave up her seat at the Opry to Casey’s mom) many of Casey’s fans are also business-minded. From those of us who have started blogs or fan clubs to support Casey, to those who religiously fill out dozens of radio request forms, Casey’s fans find ways to help where it counts most: in helping being a part in Casey’s success.

With Casey having a single on the radio, and an album coming out shortly, the focus has been on expanding Casey’s audience. There are two ways to do that, have Casey in rotation on the country music video channels and get him more radio play. Because it’s a simple fact – when people hear Casey, they become a fan. The more we can get people to hear Casey, the more fans he will have.

A couple of fans have developed a special relationship with their local radio stations, and these are paying big dividends. Carman (aka CoolCJFan) has exchanged tweets and calls with Houston radio station KILT and Casey is now a mainstay on their most-requested list and the number of spins on this station has skyrocketed. That personal touch and local connection (along with an incredibly good song) has helped propel “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” to the station’s weekly top twenty list.

Similarly, Michelle (aka Mich_in_Colo) has engaged in email exchanges with the program director at her local radio station. Her letters are an inspired bit of genius. Friendly, helpful, but very focused. Here’s a sample:

Good morning! I am listening to the American Country Countdown on 92.5 The Wolf. My favorite new artist, Casey James, has broken into the top 30 this week at #29! “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night”is up three spots from #32. Any chance you will consider moving him into a better spin time? I really appreciate you playing him already, but it’s in the overnight time slot. I think Denver is ready to hear this amazing song, don’t you think? AND it would be awesome for them to hear it first on 92.5 the Wolf, my favorite station!!!

This was a brilliant way of saying, “Hey, get on board the Casey train!” without sounding demanding or pushy. It was informative and friendly with just a wee bit of prodding.

I know that those of us here at the blog have done similar things, if not quite as eloquently. We call and talk to DJs and let them know how much we appreciate their station playing him. But figuring out how to approach the stations, such as KUSN Chicago, that haven’t yet played Casey is a tricky one. Looks like Michelle has found the formula.

If your local station is playing Casey (click here for the list of radio stations that have added LDCIAN), make sure to let them know you love hearing Casey and would love to hear even more. If your local station isn’t yet playing Casey (the above link also has every other station listed), maybe gently let them know what they’re missing and how much you are looking forward to the day when you can hear your favorite song on your favorite station.

Sometimes when we get lost in the music we forget it’s also a business. So a little attention to the business side means many years of getting even more great music.


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5 Responses to Casey James’ Fans are the Best

  1. Bybee D James says:

    Thank you again Gail! 

  2. Katy7540 says:

    The Casey James Blog has been absolutely key in keeping all of his fans in touch with everything Casey. We owe a huge thanks to Shari!!!!

  3. Donna Camarata says:

    Tons of thanks to everyone for each part they play in helping to gain Casey spins, awareness, fans, video play, love and much more! The blogs n facebook sites keep us in touch and we owe much to Shari, Mickey, and Glenda! I love my Casey family! In my corner of the world I do all I can to bring light to Casey’s music. Last fall I introduced Casey’s music to KIAI in Mason City, Iowa. The DJ there Wolf Bowers had never heard of Casey James but he knows him now and plays his single often. My local station has told me they can’t play Casey’s single until he reaches top 25… We are getting closer and I call and remind them I want to hear Casey on the air. I also call the 2 DES moines stations regularly too, KHKI and KJJY n they always are happy to play his single. When he was getting ready to come to DES Moines, I sent messages to those 2 stations..thanking KHKI for supporting n hosting him at the Wells Fargo Arena, and I received several private messages from KJJY thanking me for letting them know he was coming. They weren’t even aware of his show set for Feb. 4th. These things may seem small in the whole lot of it all but I truely believe it all counts. :-)))

  4. Carolyn says:

    Hey Michelle! It’s soooo nice to know there’s another peep out here in Denver plugging away at getting Casey some spins on local radio. I dutifully vote on the Wolf request page every day – from home and at work. I’m just grumpy that KYGO hasn’t picked him up yet – but I keep calling (nicely) and emailing (sweetly).

  5. Diana says:

    I too am thankful for the information that this brings to fans like me. I have done as many, voted daily, and sent the song request to the radio stations. I’ve contacted on a regular basis WNWN, 98.5 in Kalamazoo, MI. The lady to contact is PJ Lacey. If their is anyone else out there that could jump on this one with me. I forward some of the best blogs to her and keep her updated on how he is rising in the charts, but still no Casey on the play list. Michigan seems to be a forgotten part of the country. (except for the closed show at the high school near Detroit.) Are there any other Michigan fans out there ? Paraphrasing another fan, he is a “quadruple threat”. He can sing, he is a fantastic musician, a song writer and ain’t bad to look at. Won’t we all be satisfied when he really makes it big and we all know he will.

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