Casey James Plays a Private Acoustic Showcase at Sony Nashville’s Offices

This morning, Casey James’ drummer Blaine Crews tweeted @BlaineCrews: About to play at Sony with @CaseyEJames and included this shot of the setup:

Thanks to Brian Mansfield, who runs the Idol Chatter section on USA Today, we were able to follow along and experience vicariously as Casey and Blaine played a private acoustic showcase at the Sony Nashville offices for members of the Nashville media.

Brian explained that Sony has “a renovated chapel they use as a listening room.” Here are Brian’s tweets from today, followed by the photos he attached to the tweets:

@brian_mansfield: Lunchtime showcase with Casey James at Sony Nashville.

Photo by Brian Mansfield

@brian_mansfield: Having learned that stress & lack of sleep causes memory loss, Casey James says he’s investing in a Comfort-Pedic mattress. @brian_mansfield: Casey James’ lunchtime set incl. Acoustic versions of “tThe Good Life” & “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night.”

Photo by Brian Mansfield

@brian_mansfield: Casey Janes says “Love the Way You Miss Me” ended up very different than he initially imagined. It came out sweeter. @brian_mansfield: Casey James at Sony Nashville’s offices.

Photo by Brian Mansfield

@brian_mansfield: When he does it on acoustic guitar, Casey James’ intro to Working on It sounds like the Go-Gos’ Our Lips Are [Sealed]

Photo by Brian Mansfield

@brian_mansfield: Casey James did one song not on te album, “Why I’m Feeling Blue.” Right now, he’s doing “Drive.

Photo by Brian Mansfield

Brian then tweeted more photos to Casey’s twitter fans:

Photo by Brian Mansfield

Photo by Brian Mansfield

Photo by Brian Mansfield

Photo by Brian Mansfield

Photo by Brian Mansfield

Photo by Brian Mansfield

Photo by Brian Mansfield

Photo by Brian Mansfield

Photo by Brian Mansfield

Photo by Brian Mansfield

Please shoot Brian a tweet @brian_mansfield to let him know how much we appreciate his on-scene reporting and sharing all these great photos with us! And follow his American Idol posts on Idol Chatter.

@TammyGooGoo, another member of the Nashville media who was there, tweeted afterwards: Did I REALLY just sit in a chapel & listen to @CaseyEJames sing songs from his upcoming album? Yep. Were they good? No. They were AWESOME!

In response to fan’s questions, Tammy added:

@Mich_in_Colo Listening to the finished album now…it’s ALL stupid good! YIKES! I don’t knoooooooooooow!

@Carolaughs They were ALL great, but he’s such a great picker, “Drive” is a stand-out, “Love the Way You Miss Me” will stop your heart.

Just before Brian started tweeting about Casey’s performance, @IDOL_Insider tweeted: “I’m interviewing the amazingly talented @CaseyEJames in about an hour and a half. Have any questions for him? His upcoming album is GREAT!”

Later @IDOL_Insider tweeted: I just got off the phone w/ @CaseyEJames.  He’s so genuine & loves all of his fans. The interview will be up today or Monday. Stay tuned!

So expect a number of interviews to be coming out shortly, as well as reviews of Casey’s upcoming album!


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5 Responses to Casey James Plays a Private Acoustic Showcase at Sony Nashville’s Offices

  1. rockinrobyn59 says:

    How sweet of Brian to share the news and pictures with us! Is he ever awesome or what! Casey looks great and I think every time he sings a song somehow it’s even better than the time before! So happy for Casey and SO proud of him! He gives us all so much to look forward to in the future!

  2. cynyn says:

    Oh this is all so fabulous and some of those photos of Casey are so raw, that’s the best word I can think of to describe his expressions. Love how everyone is appreciating him so much. Hope he will be fine with all this upcoming travel, I looked at a map with all his dates and he is really going to run around in the next week. It’s fun to follow but I hope he will be OK.

  3. Casey’s schedule is crazy!! He starts off in New Mexico this weekend and plays gigs 7 days straight all over the place and ends up in my hometown in NC next Friday. I hope he’s not too exhausted to play by then cause I’m bringing half the town with me!

  4. Roni J says:

    You made my day!!!!!!!! What great photos of Casey!!!! Brian keep them coming.
    W O W

    Roni J

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