Casey James News: Visiting Country Weekly and Music Row/Pre-Sales for Debut CD Soaring

Twitter is again abuzz with Casey James’ news.

After visiting the CMT offices yesterday and playing for the staff, Casey James and his drummer Blaine Crews have more private concerts going on today to at least two major country music publications.

Blaine tweeted: Just played at country weekly, now headed to Music Row to play with @CaseyEJames

Meanwhile, @JasonSimanek, web producer at, had more to say about the private show, in this tweet: So @CaseyEJames just rocked the CW conference room. Great musician. Great songs. The good ones never bring free CDs. 😦

Casey and Blaine are on their way next to the offices of Music Row, Nashville’s leading music industry publication.

Follow Blaine on Twitter at @BlaineCrews for the updates on their travels.

In other news, Casey’s album is doing gangbusters in pre-orders. It is currently #1 at (where pre-orders get you an autographed booklet) in the country genre, and #4 overall.  Amazing!

Casey’s single is continuing to move up the charts, up another spot to #28 today on the Mediabase charts for radio airplay and it has been picked up by another new station, closing in on 100 radio station adds!


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12 Responses to Casey James News: Visiting Country Weekly and Music Row/Pre-Sales for Debut CD Soaring

  1. Karen says:

    Wow – so awesome to see Casey doing so great in sales and that he is at #28 on mediabase! Keep those requests going! 🙂

  2. Weeeeee Hooooo Casey hold on to ur hat baby ur rising high and we love it 🙂

  3. bigmjfan says:

    Not that it isnt great for his preorder at walmart there is no way to tell how well it is selling. Not that many people probably buy cds online at walmart online when there are so many around. Hopefully this is a good sign though

  4. Tracy Scott says:

    I’m so excited for Casey-# 28 on the mediabase chart!! All the way to #1 Did I mention I’m excited????? Proud of you Sir!


    I am so excited to share in the joy of Casey’s success as well as to be apart of his fan group. It’s very rewarding to hear that a truly beautiful and honest hard working gifted musician such as Casey James is being appreciated and celebrated!!

  6. Roni J says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOO Happy for Casey!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep voting as I do everday many times a day.
    There were several fans pre-ordering the alb um when I was there. Casey, couldn’t be more
    proud of you. We will keep requesting, have no doubt. You will keep moving up those charts.

    Roni J. from NJ

  7. Kimberly says:

    Will they write an article about him/ the release in a upcoming issue????

  8. YES, Casey James! I know his album is gonna be a smash hit. 🙂 I love this acoustic set of “Drive.” He’s an undeniably amazing talent.

  9. Ronijones says:

    Yes, Casey is truly an amazing talent!!!!!!!

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