Evolution of a Song – How “Undone” has changed over time

The first time Casey James performed the song “Undone” (co-written by Casey and “Scooter” Carusoe) was at Billy Bob’s Texas on July 1, 2011. When Casey introduced the song, he said he’d only performed it in front of his two dogs, but that they seemed to like it. The song was so new, Casey had the words in front of him on a cheat sheet.

The vocals, the melody, the pacing have all gone through a number of modifications/adjustments in the intervening six months. And it’s interesting to see how Casey has tweaked the song over time. It has a whole new vibe and whole new ending to go with it. And a great song has only gotten better.

Three months after its debut, Casey opened a set with it in Lakeside, CA.

The song started getting the more stretched out/slowed down treatment (especially near the end of the song) on October 26, 2011 in Modesto, CA.

The ending changed again slightly during the November 17, 2011 at Dixie’s Roadhouse in Cape Coral, FL.

The most recently taped performance of the song was on February 4, 2012 and the song has a whole new flavor from its original version. It’s still sweet and sexy, but there’s a more plaintive tone to it, mournful even, while telling the story of a found love.

After Casey’s show last night in Henderson, Nevada, some fans had the opportunity to talk to Casey about the changes that some of this songs have gone through and he talked about “Undone” (0:46) as well as “Drive,” the CD version of which is so different from the first time he played it that Casey says “you’ll be blown away.”

These videos show why so many fans fervently believe that seeing Casey once, twice even eleven times is not enough. His music is not static but alive, changing over time, from show to show, each performance having its own unique flavor. Each song evolving as he evolves as an artist. That’s why even though we’ve heard most of the songs off the new album live, we can’t wait to hear the recorded version to see what unique spin Casey put on the songs in the studio. And that’s why we still can’t wait for the next live show to see what other musical surprises Casey has in store.


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One Response to Evolution of a Song – How “Undone” has changed over time

  1. abbie says:

    Thanks TCJB! i love how the blog explores Casey’s music. I am sure Casey would be very happy to read this article. I love that he has remained grounded and i am sure that a lot of people would agree that it is where his charm is coming from. For Casey it is all about his music, this is more so obvious with his album cover where i believe the intention was to focus on his music and not how gorgeous he is (which is sad to say very hard to do!!).

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