Preparations for Tonight’s Casey Concert in Henderson, NV

Casey James will be taking the stage tonight as part of radio station KCYE 102.7 The Coyote’s Fan Jam 6 at the Ovation Showroom in the Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada.  Tonight’s show is  in the style of a guitar pull, with each act singing a song one after the other.  Also performing are Jerrod Niemann, Brent Anderson and Jana Kramer.

The show starts at 7:00 PM PST.  As always, The Casey James Blog will have all the updates from the concert.

We have arranged to have a live call in from the venue and fans there will take a full report (with photos and videos) to share with us all.  There will also be fans meeting in the blog’s Live Chat room to share the live concert experience with other fans.

Just before 7:00 PM PST, call 1-712-432-0075, then enter code 654945# to listen live.

We will post any pre-show information and, of course, have a full, detailed post about the show, so check the blog often.  If you follow the blog on Twitter, you’ll know when new posts are published and also when they are updated.

We’ll see you back here later tonight!


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2 Responses to Preparations for Tonight’s Casey Concert in Henderson, NV


    I love you so much Casey James .
    #1. You are authentic .
    #2. You sing from your soul.
    # 3. You are a very versatile multi-genre singer.

    #4.You are such a joy to listen to, your voice does something special to your fans and they can’t control themselves.
    # 5.People of all age groups will love your music.

    .#6 .You’re the best thing that ever came from American Idol because you got my attention right away and I watched only for you.
    # 7. Your type of music is revolutionary and will awaken music lover’s senses because above all you are a musician right to the core.

    # 8. Your mother is an artist and music is ground in you like the air you breath you need it as much as your fans do.
    #9. You are so humble and true to yourself and this reflects on to your fans, keep this about you, I love it!
    # 10.You have experience under your belt and the stage is where you are at your best, a true professional- you will last for a long time.
    #11. You connect so well with your audience that even from watching some home videos I feel you deep within my soul.
    # 12. There are no words to say how handsome you are , and you dismiss your good looks because God created you that way and you take this with a grain of salt.


    Spelling error above- should be the air you breathe, not the air you breath, pardon me, thank you.

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