Casey James at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, IA

Photo courtesy of Donna Camarata

“Is this heaven?”

That is what the fans at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines may have been wondering tonight when they were treated to a concert by Casey James, following the Iowa Energy basketball team’s home win over the Dakota Wizards. But, no, it was just Iowa. This was Casey’s second trip to the Hawkeye State’s capital city since he played this very same arena as part of the American Idol Season 9 Live Tour back in 2010.

Casey and his new drummer, Blaine Crews, entertained the enthusiastic crowd with 13 songs tonight, including the debut of “Workin’ On It,” which is included on Casey’s upcoming album. They also performed a cover that fans have not heard before, Tom Petty’s “The Apartment Song.”

Casey opened the show with the song that is also the first track on his debut album, “The Good Life.” Next was the first performance of “Workin’ On It.” Introducing the next song, Casey told the crowd how he’d spent years playing gigs at places that were the size of the stage he was sitting on tonight. He thanked the crowd for helping him get the chance to “make the music that I’ve been wanting to make for a really long time,” and then played his chart-climbing single “Let’s Don’t It a Night.” Casey followed that with the Tab Benoit song “So High.”

The set continued with a slowed-down version of “Love the Way You Miss Me,” an emotional song which Casey said speaks to those in the armed forces who are separated from their loved ones. The next song was “So Sweet.” “She’s Money” followed, and at the end of the song Casey realized that he hadn’t done the intro that he and Blaine had played in Wisconsin. He joked that they could do the intro then, but decided to continue the show with a cover of Tom Petty’s “The Apartment Song.” “Undone” was up next, followed by Tony Joe White’s “Polk Salad Annie” and Hal Ketchum’s “Small Town Saturday Night.”

Introducing the next song, “Why I’m Feeling Blue,” Casey mentioned that it’s one of his favorites and it was a tough decision not to include the song on his album. He joked that if fans buy his first album, maybe he’ll get the chance to do another one. Casey closed his set with “Drive.”

Set List

The Good Life
Workin’ On It
Let’s Don’t Call It a Night
So High
Love the Way You Miss Me
So Sweet
She’s Money
The Apartment Song
Polk Salad Annie
Small Town Saturday Night
Why I’m Feeling Blue

Patty Cleghorn was kind enough to call in so that fans could listen live. Click below to listen to a recording of the concert.


Intro and The Good Life (thanks Donna Camarata)

The Good Life (thanks Patty Cleghorn)

Workin’ On It (thanks Donna Camarata)

Workin’ On It (thanks Patty Cleghorn)

Workin’ On It (thanksย BxLxAxKxEx23)ย 

Let’s Don’t Call it a Night (thanks Donna Camarata)

So High (thanks Donna Camarata)

Love the Way You Miss Me (thanks Donna Camarata)

The Apartment Song (thanks Lisa Gallery)

Undone (thanks Donna Camarata)

Polk Salad Annie (thanks Donna Camarata)

Small Town Saturday Night (thanks Donna Camarata)

Why I’m Feeling Blue (thanks Donna Camarata)

The introduction to the below video is cute in a make-fun-of-Casey sort of way. Casey mentions that he was impressed with how fast the streets were cleared after the heavy snow fell yesterday in Des Moines, and says that had that amount of snow fallen in Forth Worth, they would’ve been snowed in for three days. He calls the trucks that cleared the snow, “trucks with the four by four and the thing on the front” and says we have a lot of trucks in Texas, but none with the “tractor thing on the front.” Um, Casey, they’re called snow plows! You’re such a Texas boy, but that’s why we love you!

Drive (thanks Donna Camarata)


Photo by Mary Suemnick

Photo by Mary Suemnick

Photo by Mary Suemnick

Photo courtesy of Jenny

Casey and Patty

Casey and Mary

The photos below are courtesy of Donna Camarata. To see the rest of her photos from the concert, click here.

Casey signing Donna

Casey signed Donna

Photo shared by @Callan07, along with this tweet: @CaseyEJames Such a fun night, EVEN with the foot of snow! ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo of the autograph line - courtesy of Bryan Frasher

Eva Marie took these great photos:

thanks Eva Marie

thanks Eva Marie

thanks Eva Marie

thanks Eva Marie

thanks Eva Marie

Bonus Video: After the show, when Casey was meeting with fans and signing autographs, he took some video of a cute little fan, Laney, who was excited to get Blaine’s autograph.


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27 Responses to Casey James at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, IA

  1. Bybee D James says:

    Wow! Look at the autograph line! That’s awesome!! Thank you fans!

  2. Cherrel Underwood says:

    Thanks to Patty for doing the call in!! Listening to Casey’s show on the conference call was so much fun!!! And yes, Donna, we heard you scream “CASEY!” at the beginning of the show! Knew it had to be you!! :)) Looks like a lot of new fans got on board tonight (autograph line)!! :))

  3. We definately need a second album to cover all the great songs that were left out from the first one. Casey’s making great music so fast, that he needs to make album after another ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. cynyn says:

    Great sounding video, he’s workin’ on it, boy I’ll say! Sounds great, the album and new tour dates are going to be so much fun to experience.

  5. Boudica says:

    Working On It sounds a like like some of Bon Jovi’s earlier songs.

  6. Donna Camarata says:

    It was a fantastic show tonight and I was thrilled to be there! We had a blast! I did get some pictures and quite a few videos..I’m checking them now and I will work on getting the videos posted tomorrow! I did get one of the set lists! Patty got his guitar pick I think and her hubby got one of Blaines drum sticks. He did sign my boot which he said was a first Casey was gracious and spent a lot of time with us tonight. He remarked that he did get to play in the snow a little bit today! He was loving that. He made lots of new fans tonight…always the goal! And he made us existing fans love him all the more!

  7. Roni J says:

    You cannot help but love charming CASEY. So happy to see the response of all his fans!!!
    A second alumn cannot be to far away, he is the “BEST” Can’t wait till he returns to the
    Jersey Shore, as he was ill the last time and had to cancel, but we’re waiting!!! All our love is
    with you CASEY.
    Roni J from NJ

  8. HEY AMERICA, ABSOLUTELY *NEW* and *SOMETHING SPECIAL* for the Country music fans are CASEY JAMES โค … SIMPLY the COOLEST musicMAN ever, from Cool Texas!!! Nothing could be better!! And that's absolutely MINE MUSIC STYLE!!!…It looks like the good life's coming on strong…and so forth… and how I LOVE CASEY'S * Working' On It* !!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Way to go, Casey!!! Many thanks to TCJB, you are AWESOME as ever! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love from Latvia … I'm ( @inta ) crazyCEJfan too…in common with Tracy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Chris B. says:

    I really like the new song “Workin On It” !! Sounds like another fantastic show from Casey !! Loving all the fans in that line…AWESOME !!! Thanks for all pics and vids everyone !!

  10. Renee says:

    Casey-you may not be “her kind of man” but you are definitely MY kind of man!!! Love it!

  11. Karen says:

    I sure hope that we can have another cd from Casey because he has so many other great songs that will not make it on his first one. But I’m very excited about the ones that are on there and the new ones that I have not heard yet! Love seeing so many people in the autograph line – they know what’s good! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Rita joyce Starpoli says:

    listened to the audio of concert, absolutely flawless, can’t wait till I see you at Billie Bob’s in person….God bless you and your family….

  13. Pingback: Casey James ~ Weekly Recap Ending 2/4/2012 | The Casey James Blog

  14. Aunt Sherry says:

    Deb & I knew y’all would love “Workin” On It” (she rocks out! – ha). I get so excited when I watch the videos. Can’t wait for Billy Bob’s – bet I can “WOO-HOO” louder than anybody!!!

    • Bybee D James says:

      She’s right. I CRANK “Workin On It” UP about as loud as my Toyota speakers will go and ROCK OUT!

      • cynyn says:

        That is so great Debra, you are so blessed to be able to play your son’s new album in your car and rock out! What an accomplishment for you and for Casey! No one appreciates it more than you.

      • That’s same with me, Debra …my Toyota ;)… speakers at volume max and *ROCK OUT* *WORKING ON IT* !!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Jeanette says:

      You are on Aunt Sherry. I’ll match my “WOO-HOO” with you. See you at Billy Bob’s.
      LOVE “Workin On It”. His music is like his pictures “Never a bad one”.!!!!

      • Donna Camarata says:

        So true Jeanette! But I gotta say I’m pretty loud when it’s comes to hollers at Casey’s shows as evidenced on my videos hahaha I will love the challenge at Billy bobs. I was kind of hoarse after the show last night! Lol..

  15. bigmjfan says:

    Why were the other videos removed

  16. Love Workin On It!!! Great to see that long autograph line!!! Thanks for all the great pics and videos girls! I can just see you rockin out Debra!!! Love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Tishijo says:

    Thanks for all the pictures and videos. Am so disappointed though that Feeling Blue wont be on the CD. It’s one of my favorites, and would so like to hear it without rude people in the audience talking during the performance as they always do on these videos. I pre-ordered, so am patiently waiting. I’m not surprised by the long autograph line, Casey is a star!

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