Casey James ~ Fans Unite

Photo courtesy of Rhonda Nelson

107.7 WGNA posted an article titled Casey James Has Huge Facebook Following And A Hit Song explaining the unique relationship within Casey James’ fan base. Jake Thomas described just how he sees it saying “they love this guy and his music”. He’s right, Casey’s fans are an enthusiastic and dedicated group.

A prime example of fans uniting is the showing of followers who traveled to Nashville last weekend to support Casey’s Grand Ole Opry debut. Over 50 fans carpooled, shared hotel rooms, and made dinner plans to celebrate Casey’s big night. Many bought tickets sitting next to one another, and created a cheering section during his performance. This is indicitive of most Casey concerts. More often than not, a group of fans have traveled a great distance to catch a live performance and the opportunity to meet Casey in person. His fans live in many different locations, but all of them have a place for Casey James’ music.

Originally, many were drawn to Casey’s story of his relentless fight to overcome adversity, and take the good from the bad. His song-writing skills, bluesy voice and guitar playing have thoroughly entertained us. His personable demeanor, calm nature and overall composure have impressed us. His stage presence has enthralled us, and his presence in the room has caused us to regress to our teen years; something that some of us didn’t feel would ever be revisited.

This collective group of friendships are growing and expanding as we begin to influence our spouses, siblings, friends and even our children. Every day our numbers expand as more fans join the fold. Our, still-relatively small group, will likely explode in numbers after Casey’s album comes out next month. While the close-knit group will become infinitely bigger, we’re happy to welcome new fans to join in the celebration of Casey’s music.

Sharing and exposing Casey’s music is an easy way for each of us to contribute to the ever-growing fan base. All we need to do is play it, request it, and invite others to experience it. After that the music, guitar skills, talent, and the man behind it will speak for themselves. With a professionally recorded album just 7 weeks away from being in our hands, we continue our love, support and tweets.

We can display the force behind our support in a number of ways, from requesting his song, to voting for it, to buying his concert tickets, to buying his single “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night.” Today, an even better way to show the power of Casey’s fans is emerging, as Casey’s debut CD is already moving up the charts due to the fans’ overwhelming pre-orders. Fans are pre-ordering his album not only for ourselves, but for others as well. The album is currently available for pre-order online here:

Casey displays a sincere appreciation towards his fans, and when we asked him what it meant to him that so many fans were traveling to see his Opry debut, he said the following: “Actually, yes I do know about it. I like to stop by Twitter and catch up with what people are talking about and I love that so many of my fans are making the trip. It’s very touching to me to know they are as excited about this as I am. Their support is the only reason that I have gotten to this point, they deserve to be there as much as I do.”

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7 Responses to Casey James ~ Fans Unite

  1. Tiffany B says:

    Beautifully written! We each have our individual reasons for being drawn to him, but we definitely are all united by our common love for Casey. It’s so awesome watching someone grow as a person and artist, and being able to share that with such a great fanbase. I’m so excited for his future!

  2. Gail V. says:

    Thanks Jen Lloyd, you nailed it!! I have been searching for these very words, to describe what it’s like to see Casey live. I vote and request his songs daily. I am running all across the states to his shows and am pre-ordering his CD like crazy!!! I tell everyone that will listen about Casey, “word of mouth” is a powerful tool. Casey is well on his way and I want to cherish every intimate show that I can now! In the not to distant future, we will no longer have that pleasure. Then our goal will finally be accomplished 🙂

  3. lisa says:

    Rhonda Nelson I have to say,you captured one of the best pictures of Casey James I have seen in a long time.but like everone always says he doesn’t take a bad looking forward to his cd.

    • Rhonda Nelson says:

      Thanks Lisa! He gives us a lot of phot ops when he’s wailing on the guitar. I love taking action shots at the concerts!

  4. Cyndee says:

    Those of you who were at Margaritaville might remember that I handed out little bundles of business card sized info cards and suggested to ‘just throw them in your purse, that you never know when you might need one.’ It has the websites listed which makes it easy to share the information we so often verbalize. (www, is a regular sponsor on GAC which is how that idea came about; Very in-expensive in case you wanted to customize your own with your favorite picture.)
    A couple days ago, I discovered another way to use the card. I stopped off at the box office of the Mystic Lake Showroom here in Minneapolis and asked the woman there to give one to the person who books the shows. I said this guy is comin’ on strong and amazingly talented and it would be great if he played Mystic!! She said she would, and that she remembered him from Idol and liked him a lot! So I gave her a card too, of course, and we talked a bit.
    ** Just spreadin’ the love. 🙂

  5. Roni J says:

    The word is out and the article so true. Casey is impressing all ages, and yes it has taken
    us back to our teen years and that special feeling. Love Casey’s new guitar!!!!
    I pre-ordered the album, but also pre-ordered several others for my grandchildren. Everywhere
    I go, I try to spread the word, Casey is a wonderful performer and a very humble person and has
    his mom (Bybee) to thank for the person he has become. So happy to support you.


  6. Cyndee says:

    I love sitting around people who have never heard him before. Always the same response, “He’s REALLY good!” It happened again in Nashville with the ppl behind us. So fun to hear that over and over again. 🙂

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