Casey James ~ Weekly Recap Ending 1/28/2012

Fans traveled from all over this week to catch the memorable moment of Casey James performing on the Opry stage at the historic Ryman Auditorium on Friday evening. Some flew, some drove, and some even arranged carpools in order to get to Nashville, and display their much dedicated support for Casey. Prior to the performance of a lifetime, Casey made a surprise visit at “Margaritaville” during the fan dinner to express his sincere gratitude toward loyal supporters. Catch our detailed post Guess Who Came To Dinner? When the time came to take the stage, the Opry crowd was extremely receptive as he delivered an astounding two song set.

Every fan that listened experienced feelings of pride as Casey showed thousands his incredible talent that confirmed why his supporters have such a strong belief in him. Catch the full story here Crowd Goes Wild For Opry Debut. CMIL, Country Music is Love, tweeted that Casey had a message to fans who can’t make it to his Opry Debut “Thank you very much [for listening online]. I appreciate it. Hopefully [you] can catch the next show“. USA Today’s Brian Mansfield also caught up with Casey for a pre-show interview, and offered fan questions via twitter in which answers were tweeted back. Click Casey James inteview.

On Monday, 1/23/12, Sony issued an official press release confirming the details of Casey’s album. NASHVILLE, TN – 19 Recordings / BNA Records’ Casey James will release his self-titled debut album March 20. “I’m excited to be releasing my debut album,” shares Casey. “I’m thankful that I had the freedom to make the record that represents me as a musician and singer-songwriter.” Casey is utilizing his time working on the album cover, and preparing for a full February schedule of many travels and live performances. Click: Sony Officially Announces Casey James’ debut CD’s Title/Release Date.

In the media, “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” gained 5 more radio station adds this week. The self titled CD, planned to be released March 20, 2012, is available for purchase on Amazon for $11.23. There is an option to gift the CD, and for an additional cost, you may pre-order the album to be delivered to your house on the actual release date. All orders of $25 or more have special discounted shipping rates. Click Casey James in the media to get our detailed coverage.

Don’t forget that your votes count! Last week “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” jumped from #13 to #9 on the GAC Top 20. Please continue to call in and request the single. To find your local station request line, click here

  • Pure 12-Pack Countdown: vote here
  • GAC Top 20: vote here

Radio station KILT who plays the 8@8, posted an article raving about Casey’s single, and acknowledging his loyal fan base. To read the full post, click Casey James Has Set A Date.

Songwriter Brice Long who co-wrote “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” was interviewed by Radio station WKDZ of Western-Kentucky interviewed Hopkinsville, KY. Long discusses co-writing with Casey James. To read more, click Brice Long and Casey James.

Next week, Casey doesn’t have any scheduled performances. Don’t forget to check our concert tab up top to see an updated concert schedule. New concert dates were added 2/4 in Iowa an 2/14 in Indianapolis.

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4 Responses to Casey James ~ Weekly Recap Ending 1/28/2012

  1. Carolyn R. says:

    Awesome recap! All the information and links I need right here! Thanks again for a great job! Woo hoo!

  2. Susan T. says:

    Thank you for your great recaps! It has been a special week for Casey and his fans. I was so moved listening on line to Casey’s Grand Ole Opry performance on Friday night. When I heard his fans cheering in the audience, I knew it was so many of you from this blog who had come to support him and that warmed my heart. You were an important part of the show for me. As a huge Casey fan I say thank you all for showing him so much love.
    I can only imagine how exciting these recaps will be once Casey’s CD is released and he starts to promote it with television appearances. It will be wonderful to see Casey’s talent shared with a wider audience. The new fans that he is sure to make will never match the dedication and enthusiasm of all of you, his original fans. You are so kind and loving, just like Casey.

  3. Blueslane uk says:

    Appreciate the recap.
    What an amazing time the Casey fans had at the pre show dinner and afterwards watching Casey perform at the Opry. If I’m honest, and I know this will sound bad, but I had never heard of the Grand ole Opry until I read about it on this blog. I now realise what a very special moment this was for Casey and for the dedicated fans that were able to attend. It’s at times like this I wished I lived in Oh also thought his mum Debra looked lovely in that bluey/green dress, loved her earrings too, might have to buy myself a similar pair lol.

  4. Blueslane uk says:

    Oh ment to mention Carman (@coolcjfan), thanks for doing a great job on Casey’s Opry debut video, his voice was great and that new guitar produced a real country sound when he was playing Drive, loved it. Thanks to all the fans for their photos too.

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