Casey James Interviewed Before Grand Ole Opry Debut

Casey James was interviewed by local media ahead of his Grand Ole Opry debut tonight Country Music is Love tweeted that Casey had “a message to fans who can’t make it to Casey’s Opry Debut “Thank you very much [for listening online]. I appreciate it. Hopefully [you] can catch the next show“.

CMIL interviewed Casey by phone, just a few short hours prior to his Opry debut, and Casey explained his thoughts towards performing on the Ryman Auditorium stage tonight.  Casey told CMIL “I won’t say that I’m nervous. Three things that come to my mind is it’s a privilege, it’s an honor, and I’m excited because it’s a huge, huge thing for me to be granted the opportunity to be on that stage and to play.”

Casey also describes his personal feelings towards all of the support from dedicated fans. “They’re just amazing.  I’ve got like, over 50 people literally flying in from all over the country to come see me play this evening at the Opry. It’s just a blessing to have people that believe in you that much.”  Casey is excited to have the support of his mother, Debra (Bybee) James who flew to Nashville this morning as to not miss this memorable moment.  To read the full article, click Casey James ‘Excited’ for Tonight’s Opry Debut.

Scott Joplin (@airnashville) spoke with Casey and tweeted “Newcomer Casey James makes his Grand Ole Opry debut tonight at the Ryman Auditorium. He’s “super excited.”

Brian Mansfield of USAToday also interviewed Casey today, and tweeted this picture of Casey saying “Hey.”

Photo courtesy of Brian Mansfield

As Brian Mansfield  talked with Casey, questions from fans were answered as he had tweeted earlier in the day  “Looking forward to sitting down @CaseyEJames this afternoon.  Any pressing issues I need to bring up?

Q: @Meme4CJ  Will “Drive” be the next single? (Fans hope so a heck catchy song radio will eat it up!
A:  Casey says they haven’t picked the next single yet.

Q:  @Marieleathem  If he could have 2 more tracks on the CD which 2 would he choose?      A:  Casey says they cut 3 more songs not included on the album.

Q:  @Raisen06  Does he know who he will be touring with yet and will they be coming to Chicago?                                                                                                                                                 A:  Casey says he’s in the running for some tours but nothing definite yet.

Q:  @Spinnyjb Nope.  Just tell him how proud we all are of him and how much we love him 🙂                                                                                                                                                      A:  Casey says thank you.


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3 Responses to Casey James Interviewed Before Grand Ole Opry Debut


    Looks like he’s eating a roll, good luck tonight Casey.
    You look so good!

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