Crowd Goes Wild For Casey James’ Opry Debut

Casey James walked out onto the Ryman Auditorium stage tonight at approximately 8:40pm to make his Grand Ole Opry debut. Watching him live were his momma Debra and some fifty or more fans who had flown in from all over just to witness this historic moment in Casey’s musical life.

Casey was announced by Opry legend Bill Anderson, who described him as “one of the new bright stars in country music.” After he was greeted by a hefty applause, Casey thanked his Momma “for making the flight to come see me,” and the crowd cheered after he said “she looks pretty doesn’t she?” Casey contined as he acknowledged and thanked his fans for traveling the nation to display their support. After explaining that he was “trying not to shake,” Casey delivered an unforgettable two song set accompanied by the Opry band.

First, Casey proved exactly why he deserved to be on that stage with his chart-climbing single “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night.” If Casey were nervous his first time at the Opry, you couldn’t tell from his confident performance of his first radio hit.  As fans sang along, Casey, backed by the Opry band, showcased both his bluesy vocals and his sweet guitar licks.  Fans were ramped up, and the crowd continued to go wild for the second song.  Casey chatted briefly with the audience before launching into a fine-tuned, killer introduction of future radio hit “Drive.”  Casey showcased his mad guitar skills on a borrowed dobro, and his joy playing before the crowd there (and listening in all around the world) was palpable.  Casey killed his too-brief, two-song set.  Casey’s performance on the famous stage brought tears of joy to listeners in the audience, both live and online. An unforgettable, and proud moment for Casey, his family, friends, and fans.

For even more on Casey’s Opry adventure, check out the discussion HERE.

To listen to Casey’s Opry debut:


The whole show (with clear audio) – Thanks to Carman (@CoolCJFan)  

Let’s Don’t Call it a Night – Thanks to Rhonda (@rjnelson785) 

Drive – Thanks to Rhonda (@rjnelson785) 

Thanks to Carman (@coolcjfan)

Thanks to Pamela (@pjwood67) 


Posted by the Grand Ole Opry on its Facebook Page:

"Casey James makes his Grand Ole Opry debut on the Ryman stage!"

"The crowd goes wild when Casey James sings 'Drive'"

Robyn Lankford took the following pictures at the concert, the rest of which you can find on her Facebook page HERE.

Casey pointing out his momma in the audience

Lisa Perkins took dozens of terrific photos of Casey’s Opry debut. Here are a few; to check out the rest click HERE.  She also wrote a great article, published by the terrific country music blog Countrys Chatter, about the concert which you can read HERE.  Some of her quotes are included as captions to a few of her photos:

"He is humble and grateful to be playing music for a living. It is not necessarily about the money with Casey, it’s about the music."

"He can absolutely tear a guitar up."

"Casey said to me 'This is a huge night for me.'”

Here are some photos from Taylor Denise Moore, you can see them all on her Facebook page.

Christy Williams Blaylock took the following photos, the rest of which you can find on her Facebook page here as well as Tracy Scott’s page here.

Thanks to @artist_at_heart

Thanks to @artist_at_heart

Thanks to @artist_at_heart

Thanks to Pamela Wood

Thanks Pamela Wood

Proud mom...thanks @deesquared777

Photo courtesy of @KathWilliams2

Photo courtesy of Cyndee Hoialmen

Thanks to @tademo for this photo

Photo courtesy of @PJWood67

Photo courtesy of Cyndee Hoialmen


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45 Responses to Crowd Goes Wild For Casey James’ Opry Debut

  1. lisa says:

    what an honor to be introduced on the Grand Ole Opry stage by the great Bill Anderson!Casey sounded absolutely perfect,if he was nervous I couldn’t tell.

  2. medolark says:

    Totally awesome, ty,ty,ty. Ü

  3. rockinrobyn59 says:

    Wish I could have been there, but I did listen in & he sounded incredible! If he was nervous, I sure couldn’t tell! What an epic night for Casey and his fans! Thanks to Taylor for sharing her amazing pictures! So happy for Casey and so proud of him!

  4. lisa says:

    oh I’m just now seeing the pictures from the Grand Ole Opry,Casey looks fantastic in all the pictures.can’t wait to see more from the show

  5. What an amazing night for you blue eyes. It’s an honor to be 1 of ur loyal fans. This is only the beginning the best is yet to come. We love you and we can’t wait to experience the next big milestone with you.

  6. abbie says:

    Great blog, great pics, great fans and great human being! What more can anyone ask for?
    Is that a new guitar? i haven’t seen Casey use it before!

  7. Karen says:

    Abbie, I was wondering the same about the guitar. Its a cool lookin guitar. Great pics. Thanks for sharing. Casey looks awesome as always. Can’t wait to see more.

  8. Rita joyce Starpoli says:

    Hi Casey..listened to your performance at the Grand ole Opry, saw the pics, and let me tell you young man, you are on the beginning of a wonderful road in your enjoy every minute of it !!God bless you and keep you well


    I am honoured as a Casey James fan to be blessed to have such wonderful gifts of news coming in so promptly on this blog and to whomever is doing all this incredible work in bringing us accurate ongoing data on Casey James , I applause you all. I think all of his fans are very awesome and supportive and Casey knows this. What a great reception he received at The Grand Ole Opry!! Again as a fan, I was directed by Shari or one of the group leaders, and I appreciate this because i heard him performing first hand on Live Stream, thank you all so much. I’m unable to describe how blessed it is to see how this man is evolving into a superstar! He is in a class of his own, that’s my thinking.

  10. Tracy Scott says:

    What a blessing to witness Casey’s Opry debut last night. There are not words for how proud I am of him! He was nervous-we were all just proud! So glad Debra got to come. It’s easy to see where Casey gets his graciousness from!


    Casey looks so gorgeous, what an experience for the audience!
    His mother also looks gorgeous and it’s so sweet and honourable for him to mention her when he’s on stage! After all, she was very influential in his career and not only did she inspire him but she believed in him and convinced him to try out for AI.

  12. Lucy M says:

    Very Pround of Casey!!!!! Thanks for all those wonderful photos!!! I was wondering the Guitars Casey was playing were new ones?

  13. Laura Patterson says:

    Congratulations on your Opry debut Casey! So happy for you, Debra and all the fans who were there! I´m writing from the lobby in a resort at the Dominican Republic because I just had to connect to my Casey sisters!!

  14. I was moved to tears when Casey stepped out on the stage amid all of the cheers and applause. They didn’t stop when he started singing; he was incredible. He was just as comfortable on the Ryman stage as he is in the smallest venue. I am so proud of Casey he is great and the sky is the limit for him. As stated above this is just the beginning. We love you Casey and proud to be your devoted fan; only wish I could have been there.

  15. Gaja says:

    Casey was fantastic, as always 🙂 For me his voice sounded a little bit different… I don’t know maybe a bit lower? I have no clue but it was simply AMAZING!!! Great night for Casey, his family and us – his loyal fans.

  16. medolark says:

    I’m curious as to what the jacket looked like that his momma nixed. Lol Casey sounded absolutely fantastic. What a night for him. Ü

  17. Dona C. @ HBHUNNY says:

    I’m sorry I could not be there for Casey on such a special night..but I listened on line and shared the experience with many of Casey’s fans and friends via Chat Thanks to the blog!! I’m am so proud of him and as we all know he is truly a gifted musician and an amazing and humble human being. The performance was amazing and the sound was awesome.. I’m so happy for him and that he got to share the night with his Momma Debra and his many loyal fans who traveled far and wide to be there for him.. He is truly one of a kind!!! Congratulations Casey!

  18. kathyt1 says:

    Thank you all for sharing the pics and video. Wonderful shots. It looked liked Casey was having the time of his life. This is a HUGE moment in history for his career. Wish we could have been there… but it was so nice of all of you to share these moments with us. Casey and Debra were so generous to meet all the fans that traveled to Nashville for this historic moment.

  19. Anita (neet) says:

    So happy to be able to see the video of this momentous occasion for Casey. Such an honor going to such a deserving guy. This is only the beginning for you, Casey – lots more good things are coming your way. So proud to be your fan. Thanks to all who provided video, pics, and thanks to the “Casey James Blog” for all the work you do.

  20. It was truly and honor and privilege to be at Casey’s Opry debut and share that special time with him, Debra and many friends 🙂

    • Nancy Atwood says:

      My sentiments exactly Regina! Love to re-live it again and again through these videos and pictures! Thanks everyone for taking these and posting them! ❤

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  22. Jeanette says:

    I met some of the most wonderful people Friday night. Casey’s fans!!! Everyone welcomed me with open arms. I finally had a chance to meet him and it was more then I could have dreamed. He gave me to most heart felt hug. I’m still on cloud 9. Debra was so sweet to me. She is beautiful inside an out. Casey gave a fantastic performance. I, for one, wanted more. The problem with my bucket list is that there is more than one show in the bucket. Guess I need more buckets.

  23. Cyndee says:

    Moved to tears. I think those 3 words pretty much sums it up.

  24. Cyndee says:

    PS … I was there.

  25. Beth W says:

    What an unforgettable evening in Nashville! So nice to see many familiar faces and meet Casey’s lovely Mom! Casey’s performance was fantastic-so happy for all of his success!

  26. Aunt Sherry says:

    I hated not seeing Casey “live” for this historic time in his career but the video helped ALOT. Thanks so much for taking the time to film it! Now, if I could just stop crying everytime I watch it. Talked to Deb the next day and know she had a blast (she’s probably still levitating & didn’t need the plane back to Texas)! I think we all enjoyed the performance as much as Casey. Thank God for all his Angels that help carry him higher and higher!

  27. Donna says:

    Congrats to Casey on your Opry debut. I am sure that is the first Opry slot of many more to come for you. You are an amazing talent. Thanks for sharing your gift with all us fans. It is great to be able to see the video and photos that all you fans are sharing with us. The Casey James Blog does a tremendous job of keeping all us CJ fans in the loop, and your hard work is greatly appreciated. May God bless you all.

  28. I am so so glad that Casey can smile and sing at the same time!!

  29. Chris B. says:

    What a truly special moment for Casey !!! He is going to grace that stage many more times in his career I’am sure of it !! Thanks to all that provided vids and pics for those of us who were unable to be there for this amazing night !!! As well as the blog for always being there with the BEST updates and info !!! Ditto what cecilann said !! Love that smile !!!

  30. Laurie says:

    What a great time it was Friday night listening online to Casey’s debut on the Opry stage. It was so much fun chatting with my fellow Casey fans online! You are a fun, very funny bunch of girls! Casey did SO GREAT! I am so proud of him and I am so proud to be one of Casey’s fans and to witness what is happening with Casey and his career. Casey is going to be a huge star, I just know he is. He is not only talented but so nice and so humble, almost like he doesn’t know how really great he is. March 20th can’t get here soon enough for me! Thank you Casey for a wonderful night, even though I wasn’t there in person. Debra, thank you for Casey, I don’t think you could have raised him any better….he is a true gift! I look forward to many more wonderful experiences like Friday night. Thank you to TCJB!!!

  31. Laurie says:

    Oh, I forgot to say thank you to everyone for all the great pictures and video clips…..thank you, thank you!

    • TCJB says:

      Let me add a big “thank you” as well. The blog would be pretty boring without all the great photos and videos the fans take and share here! Thanks for all who help contribute to the record of Casey’s musical journey!

  32. Missy says:

    Awesome, just awesome! So proud to be a fan of the great Casey James! Thanks to all for the videos and pictures!!! He is just awesome!!!!!! 🙂

  33. Ana Lúcia Perfoncio says:

    Thanks for the great matter, pics and videos! It ‘a very special moment for Casey James to be marked forever!!!!! 🙂

  34. hav says:

    Thanking God for giving us Casey James!!!!!! He is cordial, humble, sincere, just a wonderful person. His performance was outstanding and we will see many more. Thank you all for recording, and video taping for those of us who could not be there, you all did a great job . Bybee you did look beautiful. As I wrote you before, you have been a very supporting mother and one to be so proud of!!!!! Love to all of you and may all the best happen to “our” Casey, he does belong to his fans now, and we will continue to support him.

    Roni Jones from NJ

  35. Katy says:

    Awesome pictures! Thanks!

  36. Pamela Wood says:

    Seeing Casey on the stage at The Ryman was awesome! He looked like he was floating on a cloud up there. The smile on his face was priceless! I feel very blessed to have been able to share that moment with his Momma & all of the awesome fans who came to Nashville. The people I have met through Casey’s music are some of the kindest, most caring people ever! They go out of their way to help you. A special thank you to Debra and Casey for coming to see us at Margaritaville before the show and to everyone who played a part in getting them there! The excitement in that room was electric when they walked through the door! I was so excited to meet Debra for the first time, she is an exceptional person and so sweet! Just a beautiful person through and through! It was an honor to meet the lady who raised such a talented gentleman. Casey was gracious, attentive and kind as always. He even helped me down from the stool I was standing on to take pictures! I am proud to be a Casey James fan!

  37. Laura Patterson says:

    Thank you to everyone for sharing photos and videos! I was wondering if we´ve learned anything about the two guitars Casey was using at the Opry. They look like nothing I´ve seen him use before. Casey is so clever in his use of various guitars and I can´t wait to learn the significance of these two. I´m just so happy to be sharing in his journey by following EVERYTHING his does!!!

  38. Laura Patterson says:

    I mean to proofread, but I get so dang excited when writing about CJ. I meant ¨EVERYTHING he does!!!¨

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