Preparations for Casey James’ Opry Debut on Friday

Some fifty+ fans are traveling, from all across the country, to see Casey James at his Grand Ole Opry debut this Friday night at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.  But there are hundreds and hundreds more who want to share in the experience from wherever they are around the world.  Thankfully, the Opry has many ways for fans to enjoy the show LIVE even if they can’t be there in person.

The show starts tomorrow at 7:00 PM CST and Casey is set to play during the 8:15 – 8:45 segment.

You can download the Opry App on your smartphone to listen live HERE.

You can go to WSM radio to listen live on your computer HERE, or download the channel to your iTunes account HERE, or listen on a mobile device by downloading the app HERE.

You can listen on Sirius XM radio on Willie’s Roadhouse, channel 56, subscribe HERE.

Other ways to keep informed about the latest from the Ryman, you can subscribe to the Opry’s YouTube Channel HERE.  You can also follow the Opry on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE.

In addition, with so many fans there, we should be receiving multiple videos and numerous photos from this special evening, so check here tomorrow and throughout the weekend as we update you on the latest from Nashville.

As far as tomorrow’s schedule, fans are meeting at Margaritaville in Nashville at 4:00 PM CST.  Dinner will go till 6:00 PM, then the fans will all head over to the Ryman where they will pose for a group shot before going in to see the show.

Those of us who can’t be there can meet in the chat room as we listen live to history being made.  Click HERE to drop by the chat room tomorrow night and invite your friends on Facebook and Twitter to join you.  Follow @ThCaseyJamesBlg tomorrow for more information on the chat and our coverage of the concert.

We’re very excited about tomorrow’s show and want to make sure everyone has the best time possible, wherever they may be!


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3 Responses to Preparations for Casey James’ Opry Debut on Friday

  1. Thank you for all the info! So excited!!!:)

  2. abbie says:

    So happy for Casey and more so for the fans who will be there to watch. I am so glad for TCJB that even if i am 7521 miles away, I am sure to get a glimpse of his performance in Nashville. More power and to those who are going to watch, thank you for always sharing every second of Casey’s performances.


    I’m like you Abbey but not as thorough because I haven’t estimated the distance from where I live to Nashville,you came up with awesome figures!!!
    But in regards to being close to his concerts, especially THE GRAND OLE OPRY, I am going to be there in my heart!

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