[Photo & Video] Casey James Stops by Sony to Look at Album Artwork

Now that the hard work is done in preparation for Casey James’ debut CD — writing the songs, laying down tracks, picking which ones make the album and it what order — there is still the little matter of what the CD itself will look like.  While we know what songs will be on the album, we still have not seen the album cover.

But you get a sneak preview of what might make it on the album!

The nice people at Sony Music sent us a photo of Casey James in their office today to take a look at his album artwork.  Enjoy!

They later posted additional photos as well as a brief video from today:

Here’s the video of Casey talking about checking out the artwork for his upcoming album:  

Remember, to be one of the first to get Casey’s CD, PRE-ORDER now from Amazon.com by clicking HERE.


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10 Responses to [Photo & Video] Casey James Stops by Sony to Look at Album Artwork

  1. Tracie Smith says:

    Now I’m even more excited!!!

  2. Lisa P. says:

    WOW, I love it! And Casey and Sony love to tease us! This is exciting, I am glad to be along for the ride and to see Casey rise to the top! 🙂 Thanks to TCJB, Sony, and last but NOT least, Casey James!!!!!

  3. janice teal says:

    so happy for you casey and i just pre ordered my cd and i cant wait

  4. Cyndee says:

    So nice that Sony acknowledges this outlet as an effective way to reach Casey’s fans!!
    Did you all notice on the Amazon list of best sellers for yesterday (changes daily) that there were only two on the list that were pre-sales, the other being Dierks Bentley with a Feb 7th release? And Casey’s was the only one without a cover design, so this is great news! Maybe Sony didn’t think he’d make that list quite yet?!! Hope we can get him back on it and this time with the cover design!

  5. So proud of Casey!!!!!! Wishing all the best for the show tomorrow night too, and wishing all the fans the best time ever, love to Casey and all the girls!!

  6. kathyt1 says:

    So excited for Casey… I’ve pre-ordered my CD’s… This is like a dream – since we’ve all been waiting so long… Wonderful news for CASEY – to be finished with his FIRST album….

  7. Tracy Scott says:

    I pre-ordered my CD too! It’s the first one I’ve EVER pre-ordered! It doesn’t matter which pic of Casey they put on the cover-He always looks great!


    I have great feeling that the album cover will be very symbolic and classy to represent Casey James in his entirety .
    I am ordering CD’s on amazon but I wish I could see him in person at a concert . Living in the far east side of Canada, maybe someday I’ll see him in CONCERT !!!
    Now THAT would be my dream come true!

  9. Jodi says:

    Excited to see his album cover. I know it will represent what Casey Stands for.

  10. Karen says:

    I can’t wait to see what he chooses for the album cover! This has got to to be so exciting for him and of course, for all of his fans!

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