Casey James’ Opry-Mania Building

With Casey James’ official Grand Ole Opry debut at the famed Ryman Auditorium just two days away, the excitement that had already seemed to build to a fevered pitch has somehow only increased.

The fifty+ fans making the pilgrimage to Nashville to witness this historic moment are getting their travel plans finalized as they tweet and facebook post about meeting each other and seeing Casey on stage.

Sony Nashville has released a new statement from Casey about his upcoming Opry debut, quoting him as saying: “It’s amazing.  Not only will it be my first time on the Opry but my first time at the Ryman as well… just to be invited is a huge honor and privilege. I am super excited to play on the same stage that so many great musicians have played over the years. ”

Now, the Grand Ole Opry has gone one step further, announcing a contest to win “an exclusive autographed print celebrating the Opry debut of Casey James!”  Click HERE to enter their “Casey James Opry Debut Giveaway.”

Casey’s Opry debut will be shared not only with the dozens of fans able to make the trek to Nashville but also with the hundreds more who will be following along from home, there in spirit on Friday night. This is an historic moment in a memorable journey from obscurity to superstardom that so many fans have delighted in taking with Casey these past two years.


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7 Responses to Casey James’ Opry-Mania Building

  1. Ok, since I am not going to go, I hope i can win a picture or that at least one of Casey’s main girls will be the lucky winner! So excited about Friday, ya’ll who are going will have such an awesome time!! love to all!

  2. Cyndee says:

    I really should not have read that post. I’m not sleeping as it is!! 🙂 Yes. Very excited!
    The Ryman just seems so fitting for Casey James, an artist with genuine knowledge and appreciation of all who have gone before him on that stage! A heart and soul experience for all concerned. 🙂

  3. Cyndee says:

    Wow … the press release includes the Casey James Blog web address right along with the official site! Very impressive!! Congratulations!!

    • abbie says:

      Congratulations for that mention! And to think that TCJB was actually mentioned before his official website! This affirms my love for TCJB as the most comprehensive site for anything Casey!

  4. Tracy Scott says:

    I’m not sleeping either Cyndee! You would think I was the one debuting at the Opry! Just so proud and happy for Casey, his family and his fans! I’ve prayed for this for a long time-now finally-it’s time for Casey to walk out on that stage for the first time! It’s going to be simply amazing!


    I am so excited and if you’d see me I’m beaming for happiness because of Casey James being at the GRAND OLE OPRY.
    I think the last time I paid attention to someone performing at the Grand Ole Opry was when Charlie Pride and Anne Murray were there. Brings me back there in my mind.


    The Grand Ole Opry is such a huge deal!!!

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