Casey James Discussed in Radio Interview with Co-Writer Brice Long

Radio station WKDZ of Western-Kentucky interviewed Hopkinsville, KY native songwriter Brice Long about Casey James’ new hit single “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night,” which he had co-written.  Brice explained that the song was actually a collaboration between him, Terry McBride and Casey.  He said he had written with Casey before they penned LDCIAN; Casey, he said, had wanted to work with him because of his song “Nothing On But the Radio” by Gary Allan.

Brice discussed the writing process behind LDCIAN and working with Casey.  Brice repeatedly sang Casey’s praises as a great guitar player and great singer with an amazing soulful side.  He called their musical genre-spanning song “soulful country.”

It’s interesting to hear how the creative process works and how what started as an idea that Brice had of a song title turned into the great single that has been Casey James’ introduction to country music.  Brice mentioned that he and Terry also wrote another song with Casey that he’s hoping will be the next single.  That other song is “Love the Way You Miss Me” which became an instant fan favorite from its debut on September 28th.   Listen to the entire interview here: Enjoy clips of both of these terrific songs, brought to you by the writing team of James-Long-McBride.

Let’s Don’t Call it a Night: 

Love the Way You Miss Me:  

Thanks @CaroLaughs for the link to this interview!!


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3 Responses to Casey James Discussed in Radio Interview with Co-Writer Brice Long

  1. I love this song from the first time I heard it. I just fell in love with “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night”. I played it over and over and I was elated when it became his first single; they did an excellent job writing and putting this song together.

  2. Tosha G says:

    I loved this song the first time I heard it. He has an amazing soulful voice, extraordinary guitar skills matched with a beautiful face and charming personality. He is going to go far. I think that he would have been a star even without American Idol. Great job Casey!!!!!

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